Lukashenko Will Not Go To Russia To Watch Zapad 2017

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko will take part in the joint strategic exercise Zapad 2017 on 20 September, TUT.BY reports.┬áRussian president Vladimir Putin observed the war games in Russia’s Leningrad region on Monday.

Until a few days ago it wasn’t clear if one of the presidents would be visiting the exercise in the other country.

Tanks during an exercise of a battle against enemy troops near Osipovichi, 18 September 2017. Photo: TUT.BY

The Belarusian head of state will observe a major episode of the ongoing army exercise at the training area near Borisov in Minsk region.

High-ranking officers of the Russian Army, the leaders of the Union State, the CIS, the CSTO, as well as foreign observers and diplomats are also expected to be present.

Alexander Lukashenko will evaluate how well the army is able to coordinate in a defensive action.

Earlier, the press service of the Belarusian president stated that Alexander Lukashenko had not received any official invitation to visit Russia to observe Zapad 2017.

In the meantime, the Russian President Vladimir Putin was invited to observe the exercises on the territory of Belarus.

As it later became known, the president of Russia decided to inspect the exercises at the training ground in Leningrad region.

Joint military exercise Zapad 2017 is taking place in Belarus and eastern Russia on 14-20 September.

Zapad 2017 Vs. NATO War Games In One Picture

The drills officially include 12,700 troops, around 70 airplanes and helicopters, 680 units of combat equipment, including 250 tanks and 200 machine guns, multiple launch rocket systems and other heavy weaponry.

Most military action is held in Belarus.

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