Lukashenko: If Anyone Touches Military Man He Must Leave Without Hands At Least

Alexander Lukashenko has introduced newly appointed Internal Affairs Minister Ivan Kubrakov and Chief of the Minsk City Police Department Mikhail Grib to the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. He also gave a warning to participants of the riots, his press service reports

Photo: the president’s press service

We are looking for military personell for other oblasts too

Lukashenko presented general shoulder straps to Ivan Kubrakov and Yuri Karaev; lieutenant general shoulder straps to Alexander Barsukov, and major general shoulder straps to Mikhail Grib. He also spoke about the merits and qualities of the newly appointeed aides.

“Since the situation is complicated, I took a decision to reform the state administration to some extent. Therefore, the idea was to reinforce the combination of experience, dedication, patriotism, and talent io prevent such aspirations – I mean those, who have crossed the red line […].”

“Some may ask why the military personnel [were appoinеd – Ed.]. This work will not stop there. We are looking for military personnel to take care of other oblasts as well. We not only need to stabilize the situation in the country. We will stabilize it. It is not a problem. We just have to do it beautifully and patiently. It is very important for me that the presidential aides, who are also inspectors, ensure order and discipline in Belarus. We cannot do without them,” he said.

Stand with me, I’m not going to hide behind your backs

Besides, Lukashenko called on citizens to defend the independence and sovereignty of the country, to ensure a decent life for future generations.

“I do not force anyone, this is not my principle. I’m not forcing the students who are kind of on strike, workers, peasants, civil servants or military. I’m not dragging anyone to take my side. If you want – stand by me. I won’t even hide behind your backs. I will go where it is necessary, where you want me to, so that you are not afraid of anyone and defend this country.”

“Those who does not want to, let you be. I will repeat what I said on the eve of the elections: just don’t betray! Nobody loves traitors: neither God nor those who call on you today to quit and join them. Although it’s unclear where they are going. So see for yourself. It is the principle of the thing. Because what’s happening now is minor things. The main thing is the sovereignty and independence of our country, where we, our children and grandchildren will live tomorrow.”

If someone touches a military man, he must leave without hands at least

“We’ve had enough. I outlined red lines from the start and God forbid someone to cross them. They crossed the lines in many places, I’ve mentioned it. This is why those disrupting railway systems, hanging fascist flags on power lines, in other words, those trying to destroy and destabilize the infrastructure of the state, should know – as of today we are going to take no prisoners, particularly in people’s apartments where they hide.

If someone touches a military man, I’ve already reprimanded the generals, he should leave the place without hands at least. I say it publicly to make everyone understand our further determination. This is it. We have nowhere to retreat and we are not going to retreat. We are ready to act and we will act.”

He also noted that the organisers and participants of the rallies have already gone through seven or eight stages described in the guidelines for color revolutions and are approaching the latter which involves radicalization, the press service reports.