Awkward. Elon Musk Denies Giving Lukashenko Tesla As A Gift

An interesting situation involving Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk has unfolded this week.

On Monday, 2 September, the president visited one of Minsk schools to talk to students and answer their questions. At some point, he was asked about ever thinking to start getting to work by e-transport.

President Alexander Lukashenko test-driving Tesla in 2017

And this is what he answered: “I have an electric car, a Tesla. Sometimes I test it. Musk gave it to me as a gift. I also have an electric motorcycle produced by the Minsk plant.”

Since the tech entrepreneur, investor, and engineer has neither visited Minsk nor announced that he made such a gift to Belarus’ president, the statement raised some eyebrows.

Journalists of several media outlets and ordinary Belarusians tried to contact Musk on Twitter to confirm or deny the information. And today he has finally answered. Negative.

Well, now this is a bit awkward. The twit caused an avalanche of reactions with people joking about other issues Musk could have been responded to with such a concise and comprehensive answer.

Recall that in 2017, the president test-drived Tesla Model S and said that he drove it at 280 km/h while the actual maximum speed of that model is 30 km/h slower.

Also, earlier this year Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belarus invited Elon Musk to test his recently announced autonomous taxi service in BelarusAnd he, by the way, didn’t say yes or no yet.

Source: TUT.BY