“Psychological Pressure On People.” Lukashenko About Memorial To Roman Bondarenko

Alexander Lukashenko commented on the improvised memorials for those killed during peaceful protests in Minsk. He believes that this is a “psychological pressure on the population.” This was reported by close to the president’s press service the Pul Pervoy telegram channel.

“Why create cemetery-like memorials in Minsk. First. Cemeteries and memorials are a psychological pressure on the population. When people see them, they start oohing and aahing,” said Lukashenko.

He also believed that “the most dangerous thing” is that “a process of radicalisation has begun” in Minsk courtyards.

“And these yards have already turned into places where scuffles ensue. Some hang out pro-fascist ribbons, others, hating it, cut them off. People start fighting. The result is what happened at one of the sports grounds [meaning the death of Roman Bondarenko, aged 31, who was beaten in Changes Square – Ed.].”

According to Alexander Lukashenko, he personally ordered to build a playground for children there.“They have turned it into a graveyard!” he added. Besides, Lukashenko said that some parties have a goal to turn such courtyards “into places to start a civil war”.

Vadim Perednya, a first deputy head of the administration of the Central District, said that there were several improvised memorials in memory of Roman Bondarenko in the district, the largest of them was on Chervyakova and Kakhovskaya streets.

“In connection with the numerous appeals of citizens, since 15 November, they are being put in order in accordance with the rules for the improvement and maintenance of settlements. Employees of various housing maintenance organizations are engaged in the process.

They carefully transfer flowers, memory lamps and other ritual accessories brought by the citizens into special vehicles, which take them to a specially designated area at the Northern Cemetery,” the deputy head explained.

During 16 November, the memorials are to be removed and “these places will be maintained in proper sanitary condition in the future.”

Source: TUT.BY