Lukashenko And Putin To Meet Fourth Time In Two Months

The presidents of Belarus and Russia will meet in Sochi on 13 February. Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin will discuss the integration of the two countries.

The presidents have previously met in December.

Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin

“During the meeting, the presidents will discuss the tasks of the Russian-Belarusian working groups established to review the integration processes and emerging disputes in the Union State,” the Russian newspaper Izvestia quotes Putin’s spokesperson.

As was reported, Lukashenko and Putin were going to discuss the agreements reached during previous meetings.

The presidents had met three times in the end on 2018, including on 25 and 29 December. One of the key points for the high-level discussion was Russia’s tax maneuver in the oil sphere.

The maneuver, which switches tax from exports to the source, will likely cost the Belarusian economy billions of dollars it can’t afford to lose.

Belarus demands compensation for the losses from the deteriorating conditions of oil trade, while Russia, in response, offers deeper integration in accordance with the 1999 Union State Treaty.

The sides didn’t manage to arrive at an agreement at the meetings of the presidents, so it was decided to create two specialized working group to discuss the future of the integration.

The working groups are headed by the ministers of economy of the two countries.

Source: TUT.BY. Featured image: kremlin.ru