Lukashenko About Protesters: If They Want To Walk And Get Sick – Let Them Do It

Minsk has the largest increase in the incidence of COVID-19 as of today. This is due to the Sunday [protest] actions. Alexander Lukashenko stated this at a meeting on the situation with coronavirus in Belarus on Thursday, 8 October.

“The most important thing in the fight against any disease is to take care of yourself and your family. If we do not do it ourselves, no doctors will save us or cure us. We understand the consequences of what is happening now, for example, on the streets of Minsk on weekends. The incidence rate in Minsk is higher than in other regions. Here are the results,” said Lukashenko.

He assured that “we are not going to use it, they will soon understand where they have got themselves into.”

“There is no politics here. They want to walk and get sick – let them get sick. The West promised big money. It seems that they promised to give 53 million – three million for pocket expenses and 50 for COVID treatment. Where is this money?”

Lukashenko noted that “staying healthy, taking precautionary measures is not a problem of doctors and not their headache”.

“Their job is to us help us when, by chance, we got sick. Everything else is our resposibility. We need to learn to listen to doctors, strictly follow the recommendations. At least get a flu shot, if you think you need it, and follow hygiene rules,” added Lukashenko.

He also reiterated his position on the measures to combat coronavirus: “Today I have no plans to isolate the country and impose a lockdown. Had we done it in February, March or April, we would have faced the consequences: we would not have jobs, we would deliver a heavy blow on the economy, we would have no salaries to pay.”

Recall that after 9 August presidential election, protests rallies of supporters and opponents of the government are taking place in the country. As the Ministry of Internal Affairs said at the end of September, the number of participants in the protest actions “has significantly decreased.”

At the same time, according to the ministry, the actions “in support of peace, security and tranquility” are massive. For example, on 19 September more than 5,6 thousand people took part in them, while “the total number of participants in 11 protest actions did not exceed 900,” the police said.

Source: TUT.BY