Lukashenko Speaks On Situation In Belarus, Laws And Staying In Power

Alexander Lukashenko introduced Andrei Shved as new Prosecutor General on 10 September, his press service reports. During the meeting, he also expressed his vision on the work of the prosecutor’s office, staying in power and the current situation in the country.

“Today, let’s say, there is a difficult period in Minsk. We are going through the critical period, probably for the first time in the history of our state. At least for the last 10 years. Although many disagree with me, they recall the mid-90s. They say: we’ve seen worse. Many remember when they turned over cars, burned them on the roads, when tens of thousands actually took to the streets. That at least could be understood: there was nothing to eat and nothing to feed the children,” Lukashenko noted.

“Despite the deteriorating situation with compliance with legislation in the country, let’s be honest. Maybe I am wrong, I personally do not see the activity of the prosecutor’s office, which would correspond to the current period. Activities should be directed, I have always demanded this and will demand it, at the preservation of the country, independence and its security. The country should return this year to that safe period, which was very recently and which is characteristic of our country. This is the image of Belarus,” he stressed.

Lukashenko stressed that employees of the prosecutor’s office must guard the law, guaranteeing the safe development of the state.

“And all kinds of coordination councils, other organizations… Both the Constitutional Court and the Prosecutor General […] evaluated these coordination councils in due time. You should not only give a legal assessment of the actions of organizers and agitators, but also take more powerful, drastic measures of prosecutorial response to such actions,” he added.

On staying in power

“I am often reproached that “he will not give up power.” And they are right. That’s not why the people elected me. It’s the same with you, the owners of this power, its carriers. Power is not given to be taken, thrown and given away. In the mid-90s, it was lying in the mud, was flouted. The same was true about you, those who wore shoulder boards. Many of you remember this period.

And I do not want Belarus to return to that time. Therefore, no one will be allowed to throw the power into the mud, as they demand. […] Whether I do it with you or without you – it is up to you. No one will bring me to my knees. If you want to stand by my side and save the country, then do it. If you do not want to, do not betray. You are people in uniform. Do not create hype. Step aside and don’t interfere,” Lukashenko said.

On legislation

Besides, Lukashenko recalled that he had mentioned before the election that he had a feeling that ‘they would try to bring that mess about.’

“Secondly, if you think that I am clinging to power with blue fingers for my sake, you will disappoint me very much. I have already told Russians, who are not really aware of everything happening in the country, that sooner or later this power will be taken by others, but it will be taken by law, not under the pressure of the street.

You are educated people. Please, think. I am not calling on you to save the state in violation of the law. Although when there is an almost blatant interference, as I call it, which is guided from the outside and heated from the inside, sometimes there is no time for laws, and tough measures must be taken to stop all the rubbish. This is not the case here though.”

I repeat once again: I do not urge you to break the laws, we have enough legislation and laws to save the country from this invasion, so that it does not repeat the scenarios of Ukraine, Libya, Syria and so on, and to stabilize the situation in this country. Therefore, act according to the law and remember that you are the same citizens as the president of the country. Both you and I have children. You still have to live in this country and in a new Belarus,” he concluded.

Recall that on 9 September Alexander Lukashenko appointed a new Prosecutor General, in connection with the resignation of Alexander Konyuk. The new prosecutor general was Andrei Shved, the ex-chairman of the state forensic examination committee.

Source: TUT.BY