Lukashenko Blames Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania And Ukraine For Protests In Belarus

Alexander Lukashenko is convinced that protests in Belarus are controlled from abroad. He also expressed gratitude to Russia side for support, the president’s press service reports.

According to Lukashenko, the situation in Belarus is largely influenced by foreign interference in the country’s domestic affairs andforeign control over street protests.

“It originates from Poland, Czechia, Lithuania, and Ukraine, which is most disturbing for us. Yesterday you heard Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov, who openly stated [although he is a very restrained and cautious person in this regard] what is going on at the border,” he said. “We will respond to any negative gestures towards Belarus. The most important thing for us is to prevent the start of some fire in Minsk. Because it always happens this way: it begins in the capital city and spreads to the entire country.”

On Lithuania

Alexander Lukashenko also spoke about foreign interference in domestic affairs. He noted that the Lithuanian leadership often criticizes Belarus, stating that country’s economy has collapsed and, in general, everything is just wrong.

“I have already said: you had about four million people or even more during the Soviet times. Why are there no people left in such an advanced, reformed country like Lithuania? In my opinion, there are a lot of problems over there that need to be solved. Lithuania shouldn’t mind the problems of its neighbors who treated their country in an amicable way, fed and still feed it with people working in ports and so on.”

On Poland

“They see how Poles live in Belarus. But those are our Belarusian Poles. We lived in peace and harmony for a quarter of a century under Lukashenko’s rule, and there have never been any problems. But, of course, we will never put up with the fact that in people in Grodni hang Polish flags on their balconies and openly declare that Grodno Oblast merged with Poland if Belarus collapses. It won’t be merged. Nobody will allow to destroy Belarus, and we have enough means and methods to avert it.”

Recall that earlier Alexander Lukashenko has repeatedly accused Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Ukraine of managing protests. Other “puppeteer countries” included Russia, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Latvia and the United States.