Lukashenko: We Will Never Allow Our People To Be Afraid Of Going Outside

“Various forces, primarily from abroad, really want to heat up the situation in Belarus”. Alexander Lukashenko said this on 29 March at a meeting to discuss the socio-political situation in the country, his press service reported.

He noted that he had invited the Security Council power bloc to the meeting in order to discuss the designated topics primarily from the position of how to proceed further, ensuring internal and external security, what needs to be done based on the changing situation.

Photo: president.gov.by

“I have repeatedly said that there won’t be a quiet life. It may be calm, there may be a more acute situation, but there will never be absolute peace in the country. Because different forces, primarily from abroad, really want to heat things up here,” said Lukashenko.

“You see that the directors abroad have changed. Already some of the [Telegram – Ed.] channels there, which used to guide “protestors” around Minsk, have given up on this. More radical ones have appeared, such as BYPOL, where one and a half to two dozen are allegedly former military personnel. It is difficult, of course, to call them military personnel. You see these calls for radicalization,” he added.

“Protesters and fugitives are changing the way they are acting, we see it. I must simply say that we will never allow a situation when our people will be afraid to go outside. We cannot and have no right to let this happen. This applies in particular to the Minsk Hero City, noted Lukashenko.

In this regard, Alexander Lukashenko gave a separate instruction to Natalya Kochanova, who is the president’s authorized representative for the city of Minsk.

“Keep order. You have to work every day, as you did during the winter. Therefore, there is a result. Our people are not idiots. They see perfectly well that someone, as they say, “is lining their pockets abroad”. It is clear who benefits from these money flows. People do not want to be, as they say, thrown under the bus so that others can cash in on it. They feel that they are simply being framed, and we see this inside the country.

Indeed, it is necessary to work harder with those who take up arms, who bring explosives here or prepare these explosives and are trying to explode either garbage containers or fire extinguishers. We will not talk to these ones. And we will not count to three either. But there are many people with whom we should talk. It is up to them to decide whether they understand us or not, whether they hear us or not. Yet, we should talk to these people,” he stressed.

Source: TUT.BY