Alexander Lukashenko Orders Retaliation Measures Against West Sanctions

Alexander Lukashenko announced retaliatory sanctions against Western countries and ordered to support enterprises that were added to the EU blacklist. He stated this at a meeting with Vice Premier Yuri Nazarov and Industry Minister Piotr Parkhomchik, his press service reports.

Photo: Volat press service

“A couple of our enterprises have come under the so-called bandit sanctions from the West. Yuri Viktorovich [Vice Premier Yuri Nazarov  – Ed.], we must respond symmetrically to that. They imposed sanctions against our enterprises. We must see which countries did this, and we must react accordingly,” he said.

He noted that several thousand foreign companies – small, medium, large ones – are operating in Belarus.

 “They [the countries that introduced sanctions] should keep it in mind. As long as we have good relations with them, their enterprises will be fine here. If they take steps in the wrong direction and start pressuring us, we must respond symmetrically,” Lukashenko added.

“We should not be afraid, we should show them our teeth. At the same time, we should support our enterprises, such as MZKT, Amkodor, and a couple of others. Now I would like to hear out your proposals on how we will do it,” he concluded.

The meeting’s agenda focused on the performance of the manufacturing sector and its prospects for 2021 and the upcoming five-year period. During the meeting, Alexander Lukashenko heard reports by Vice Premier Yuri Nazarov and Industry Minister Piotr Parkhomchik and outlined his own proposals.

Recall that on 17 December the European Union adopted the third package of sanctions against the Belarusian authorities and business. Most of them are organizations working in the defence sector – OJSC 140 Repair Plant, which is part of the Belarusian State Authority for Military Industry; AGAT Electromechanical Plant, which is responsible for implementing the military-technical policy of the state, OJSC MZKT [whose employees went on strike in the wake of 2020 presidential elections were fired]; CJSC Beltechexport which exports weapons and military equipment produced by Belarusian state-owned companies abroad. The list includes GHU, the largest operator on the non-residential real estate market and a supervisor of numerous companies, as well as Dana Holdings, which is the main real estate developers and constructors in Belarus