Lukashenko Suggests Minsk To Host 2021 Europe v USA Match. See Reactions

Minsk is ready to host the next Europe v USA match in 2021. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko made the statement during the opening ceremony of the Match Europe v USA on Monday, 9 September.

The president explained that the U.S. won’t be able to host the next Europe v USA match in 2021 since it will host the IAAF World Athletics Championships and can’t combine two of them by the rules.

He also proposed a simple solution to the problem: “We suggest you should spend these two years in Belarus. Don’t rush to Europe or America. If you trust us with it, we will arrange another match at an even higher level.

In two years Minsk will become the capital of the United States of America.”

Alexander Lukashenko noted that he will make a deal with Donald Trump, who will be re-elected for another term in 2021 and will come to “this stadium, the capital of the next athletic games.”

“Don’t suspect foul play here as if we wanted to annex America… Minsk is going to be the U.S. capital as it is the U.S. that should hold this match,” he explained his proposal.

Photo by Ales Kruglyakov

The statement caused a vigorous response on social media with locals joking about finally having a chance to visit the U.S. and imagining what life will be when Minsk will “replace” Washington.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Embassy took a joke and suggested its followers think about what landmarks of the U.S. capital could be relocated to Belarus’s capital and even suggested their own options.

During his speech, Alexander Lukashenko remarked that such large-scale sports competition can change the political situation in the world for the better. President of the International Association of Athletics Federations Sebastian Coe shared the president’s sentiment and noted that “sport helps build bridges between nations even in the most difficult of times.”

The highlights, as well as the most spectacular moments of the battle of the continents, i.e. the Match Europe v USA, can be found here. After the opening day of the competition, Team Europe leads the United States by 27 points. The two-day event concludes on Tuesday, 10 September.

Source: TUT.BY