Rockets, Oil And Donbass. 4 Highlights Of Lukashenko And Zelensky Meeting

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has met with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky in Zhytomyr, Ukraine, on Friday, 4 October.

It was the first meeting of the presidents, where they discussed the cooperation between the states, as well as the number of urgent issues.

Belarus president noted that the talks were more than just a personal acquaintance. “It was like clearing the rubble which has been accumulated in recent years,” he said.

Business and rockets

Alexander Lukashenko particularly proposed creating joint ventures and explained the economic benefit of collaboration in missile engineering.

This is not just a trade. We made a decision actually. The intergovernmental commission, which will meet in Kyiv (we also agreed on this) to make specific decisions on the creation of joint ventures.” 

“This is not because we are rattling weapons. We are working a lot on the development of the rocket industry in Belarus. We did not have such a production, but you have it. 

With your help, we will implement our project, our joint project, in one and a half or two years. If you don’t help us, it will be 4-5 years. And less money will be needed, ” said the president.

Oil and shipping

The leaders discussed cooperation in oil refining and oil supplies; restoration of the Dnieper and Pripyat navigation and port development, among other things.

“We have discussed oil products, oil refining, alternative ways to deliver oil, shared markets, plants, capitals, and electricity once the nuclear power plant is commissioned.

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I would not talk about the price. We have already agreed on how and where we can sell. We have discussed a lot of issues,” the Belarusian leader added.

Media, culture and even the possibility to make joint films were on the agenda as well.


The border between Belarus and Ukraine should not be an obstacle for the movement of people, Belarus’ president stressed.

“I have promised (the Ukrainian president)that there will not be any problems here. The Belarus-Ukraine border should not be an obstacle for people’s movement.

I have sworn that this will never happen. We have never obstructed the movement of Ukrainian and Belarusian nationals and will never do it,” he added.

Donbass conflict

Alexander Lukashenko also expressed his confidence in a peaceful resolution of Donbass conflict. In his turn president Zelensky thanked Minsk for hosting talks on the regulation of the conflict.

He said: “Everything will be fine with (Ukraine’s) east. The persistence the incumbent president demonstrates to end the war will be crowned with success, I am sure about that.

I don’t just want you to succeed. We are ready to do something together for Ukraine to be united, integral, and powerful so that nobody would even look sideways here. These are our principles.”

Source: TUT.BY