Navalny, Putin And Lukashenko. Alleged Call Between Berlin And Warsaw Made Public

On September 3, Alexander Lukashenko told Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin that Belarusian intelligence had intercepted a call between Berlin and Warsaw about the poisoning of Russian opposition politician Alexey Navalny. He also claimed that german Cahncellor Angela Merkel made the statement “to discourage Putin from sticking his nose in Belarusian affairs.”

Lukashenko promised to forward the recording of the call to Russia’s Federal Security Service. On 4 September, the pro-government Telegram channel Pul Pervogo published a recording of the alleged conversation between some Mike and Nick.

Below is the full transcript of the audio recording:

Warsaw: Hello! Good afternoon, Nick! How are we doing?

Berlin: Everything seems to be going as planned. The materials on Navalny are ready. They will be forwarded to the Chancellor’s Office. We are awaiting her statement.

Warsaw: Is the poisoning finally confirmed?

Berlin Listen, Mike, in this case that’s not so important… There is a war going on. All is fair during a war.

Warsaw: Agree, we need to discourage Putin from poking his nose in the affairs of Belarus. The most effective way is to drown him in Russia’s problems, and there are many of them! Moreover, they will have election in the near future, voting day in Russia’s regions.

Berlin: That’s what we are working on right now. And how are things in Belarus in general?

Warsaw: Not so good, to be honest. President Lukashenko turned out to be a tough nut to crack. They are professionals and organized. Obviously, Russia supports them. The officials and the military are loyal to the president. We are still working. Let’s discuss the rest when we meet, not over the phone.

Berlin: Yes, yes, I understand, see you then, bye.

Recall that the German government described the statement by Alexander Lukashenko on “falsified” poisoning of Alexei Navalny as simply untrue.

“Obviously, Alexander Lukashenko’s statement does not correspond to reality. Yesterday, Federal Chancellor [Angela Merkel], Foreign Minister and Defense Minister expressed their views on new developments in the Navalny poisoning case. There is nothing else to add,” an official representative of the German government told RBC.