Meet The Girl Who Took FIRST Selfie With President Lukashenko

It is not so hard to find selfies with Queen Elizabeth II or Donald Trump as it is with Belarusian President. The reason is simple: no one has ever attempted to take one (or at least never revealed it).

But now the situation might change as the first real selfie with Alexander Lukashenko has finally appeared online!

The picture was made by one of the delegates at the opening of OSCE PA session, that is underway in Minsk these days.

The historical selfie. Photo: Facebook

The autor of the historical selfie is a Belarusian girl Victoria. She is a translator working for the OSCE.

“After all the speakers made their speeches, many parliamentarians surrounded Alexander Lukashenko.

They wanted to take a picture photographed with him. I decided to try my luck, too”, Victoria told TUT.BY.

Victoria with another high guest of the conference, Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurtz. Photo: Facebook

She also wanted to thank the Belarusian leader for a role he had played in her family life.

It appears that the girl got acquainted with her future husband thanks to Alexander Lukashenko.

Victoria and her husband Mark. Photo: Facebook

It happened back in 2006 when Victoria’s husband-to-be, Marc, came to observe the presidential elections in Belarus. The Belarusian girl and the French guy fell in love at first sight.

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As for the selfie with Belarusian president, Victoria told journalists that he had reacted very positively to her request:

“He hugged me and agreed at once. He charmed everyone at the conference”.

Photo: ria.ru

The girl posted the picture to her Instagram to a great surprise of her family and friends and many likes from users.

However, later she made her Instagram account private. Victoria’s Facebook page is also closed to public eye.

“Few have a selfie with the President,” Victoria wrote

Victoria, Mark and their two kids live in Vienna. The girl visits her homeland about twice a year.

Obviously, Victoria is not the first person to take a selfie with Alexander Lukashenko posing.

But president selfies have never before appeared online, only the process of their making, NN wrote.