Lukashenko Promises New Election Only After New Constitution Adopted

A new election will be held after a new сonstitution is adopted. Alexander Lukashenko made the statement while talking to workers of Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant (MZKT).

“This is what we will do, guys, we need to adopt a new constitution, the one that we want. Even the alternative supporters were not against it. You must pass it in a referendum, because the previous constitution was adopted by a referendum. And under the new constitution, if you want, to hold elections – for the parliament, for the president, and for new authorities,” he said.

lukashenko Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant MZKT

Lukashenko also called on workers to seek compromise. He stated that he was ready to transfer his presidential powers “but not under pressure and not because of street protests.” “You, hard workers, keep putting forward your demands, demand, shout, but just don’t stop production, otherwise it will be like in the mid-90s,” Lukashenko said.

According to the presidential press service, “during his visit to the MZKT, Alexander Lukashenko spent a lot of time talking to the workers of the enterprise, openly responded to their sharp questions about the situation in the country and told what reckless actions and excessive politicization can lead to in the future.”

Alexander Lukashenko also mentioned numerous fakes.

“Today you should use your brains instead of your iPhones-smartphones. Think! Tell others that no one will try to persuade anyone. This is it. You are approaching a line. If you cross it – God be with you. If you take to the streets, we will handle it. If you start crushing things, you will be brought to account. This is a manly talk,” he said.

As he toured the factory, the president was booed by striking protesters chanting “Go away!”, “Go away!”, to which he replied: “Are you saying the elections were unfair and you want fair ones? Here’s your answer. We had an election. Until you kill me, there won’t be another one. Because there will be no MZKT, no MAZ, no BELAZ: in six months we will destroy everything.”

Source: TUT.BY