Lukashenko: I’m Not Enemy To My People, I Want Peace And Tranquillity In Country

Alexander Lukashenko visited Horizont Holding Company on Tuesday, 5 January. During a conversation with the personnel of the enterprise, he was asked to comment on the decision to declare 2021 the Year of People’s Unity. A video with fragments of his speech was published by the Pul Pervogo telegram channel.

“I just want to reiterate that I did not do this in order to show anything to anyone. Although this probably makes sense, so that people understand that I am not an enemy to my own people and, above all, to myself. I want peace and tranquillity in the country.

You probably want this, too. If you do not like the current president, then the election is the only way to resolve the issue. Only the presidential election. I say this no matter how much some might dislike it,” said Lukashenko.

Photo: president.gov.by

He also addressed the youth: “Yes, you [the youth – Ed.] are the future. We will leave and you will take care of this country. You are the future. Elections are when both a young man (18 years old and above) and an old man have the same ballots. Therefore, do not break the law.”

Lukashenko also commented on the opponents of the current government: “They may be a minority, but they are my people, no matter how pompous it may sound. I don’t want them to walk the streets on Sundays and interfere with the lives of others. So it is time to put an end to this.”

“If someone was misguided, I also want them to hear me. We will not have another piece of land. And do not forget, we (this is the most important moment) may lose everything irrevocably. We will never get it back,” he added.

Recall that earlier Lukashenko has signed a decree on declaring the year 2021 the Year of People’s Unity. The decision was made for the sake of consolidating the society, rallying the Belarusian nation on the basis of ideas of the country’s sovereignty and independence

Widespread protests against the results of the presidential election have been taking place in Belarus since 9 August. According to the Central Election Commission, Lukashenko claimed victory with 80,1% of the vote in what the opposition, the EU and the U.S. have called a rigged election.

In early November, Alexander Lukashenko said that he would guarantee the new presidential election in Belarus. “Some demand that we hold a new election. I guarantee that a new election will take place once you make a decision,” he said at the opening ceremony of the Minsk metro’s third line.