Lukashenko Wants To Control Internet But Fears Sanctions

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has suggested to set up “a belt of digital neighborliness” at the international counterterrorism conference in Minsk on 3 September.

Delivering a speech, the president elaborated on the idea of internet freedom, strategies to counteract terrorist propaganda, new technologies and artificial intelligence.

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Aleksandr Lukashenko particularly stressed that every country makes its own decisions on how to regulate the internet.

“As a sovereign country, Belarus has its own opinion on the matter of moral, ethical, and legal borders of internet freedom. I speak so freely about the matter because none of you can reproach me for restricting the internet in Belarus.

Although we should have. But we don’t know yet how to do it without the civilized society enforcing sanctions against us. This is why we stay away from the internet for now. It can wait,” the head of state said.

National Language One Of Pillars In Belarus’ New Information Security Concept

According to the president, all the relevant internet-related approaches are set out in the recently adopted national information security concept.

“Without working out common rules recognized by all members of the international community, we will never be able to achieve the desired results in our citizens’ protection,” Lukashenko is convinced.

He also proposed to emulate the belt of neighborliness initiative Belarus used to strengthen relations with neighboring countries as a model for setting up a belt of digital neighborliness.

In his words, this can be achieved via the agreements on information security, digital sovereignty and neutrality to guarantee the noninterference of countries in the information resources.

Recall that earlier this year the president expressed his dissatisfaction with information security and efficiency of state media in the country.

Source: TUT.BY