Lukashenko: We Can’t Hand Over This Constitution To Stranger-President. There Will Be Trouble

During his visit to the 6th city clinical hospital of Minsk, Alexander Lukashenko spoke on amendments to the Constitution, noting that he is a supporter of a new Constitution and is convinced of the need to readjust the powers of the president.

“Thank God we have a vertical of authority. You probably noticed that our protestors mostly strike at a president and the vertical of power. Give us, democracy, every person should be elected… We went through this during the Gorbachev period.

We elected heads of enterprises, directors. And look where it got us, happy with the results? They lost the country and the Union collapsed. They want to pull off a stunt like that with us now,” the press service quotes Lukashenko as saying.

Photo: press service of the President of Belarus

“I am a supporter of the new Constitution. And it’s not because we need some democracy. It’s not about democracy. What worries me in this situation is that such a Constitution cannot be handed over to an unfamiliar president. There will be trouble. We have a very serious Constitution.

Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus – these are three advanced states that have serious, rigid Constitutions, where everything depends on the president’s decision. Taking this into account, realizing that God forbid a person comes and wants to unleash a war and so on… Yes, we need to create a new Constitution, but beneficial for our country, so that later the country does not collapse,” he said.

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Recall that work is underway in Belarus to update the Constitution – anyone can send their proposals to the House of Representatives or to a deputy of their constituency. Lukashenko instructed to prepare amendments to the Constitution as close as possible to ordinary citizens. For this, dialogue platforms are created in the regions.

In early September, Alexander Lukashenko told Russian journalists how he sees the political future of Belarus. The issue of amending the Constitution has been discussed for about two years. Last year, Lukashenko explained what changes he would like to see in it:

“To limit the powers of the president. […] We will have to strengthen other branches of government – executive, legislative. Maybe, after a serious analysis, it will be necessary to do something about the electoral system: introduce a proportional system or choose the majoritarian one.”

Source: TUT.BY