Lukashenko: “I Will Fight For Country Until Last Riot Policeman Tells Me That My Work Is Done”

During a visit to Mogilev Oblast Hospital on 15 December, Alexander Lukashenko commented on the protests of healthcare workers, uged to preserve the country and thanked the medics working in the regions. A fragment of the meeting was shown by STV channel.

Photo: president.gov.by

“When the smarties from some hospitals began to wander Minsk streets, I said that it was not a problem. Even the Healthcare Ministry was concerned. I told them not to worry: we can bring doctors from Mogilev, Gomel, Brest, give them apartments, and they will be happy to work in Minsk. And let others move to Poland. You should know my position: the doctor has no time to wander the streets, especially now,” he said and offered to make claims, if present medics had any.

“I want you to understand my position, it is unwavering. Let’s work together, let’s preserve the country – and we will do it. We will keep it, whatever the cost. And again, not for me and not for him, but for grandchildren. Our children don’t need it, they have already grown up, we should do it for grandchildren, that’s why. It is my key task.

You will make all the decisions. I promise you that you will decide on everything. Do not believe anyone telling you that Lukashenko makes the Constitution for himself. No one should think that Lukashenko folded his hands and that’s it: he has already dropped everything and left. Until the last riot policeman and the real doctor say: “That’s it, Lukashenko, you’ve done your job,” until then I will fight for this country. I have nothing else but it.

I was driving along this road, and I understand that this is my road: I have invested my health in it. I was driving through this forest and see: it is 80 years already, we will need to cut it soon for timber, etc. I see that our villages are alive, the houses are well-built. I see that the townspeople are starting to build more villages. Right! The greatest value, this disease has shown, is a house on the ground,” he said and advised to buy, if possible, houses in a village, even if they are located tens of kilometers from the city.

“All the same, Belarus will be in demand as a country. It is the center of Europe, the center of civilization. We have a geographical center near Polotsk. I’m not making this up,” added Alexander Lukashenko.