Alexander Lukashenko: I Had To Close Borders With Poland And Lithuania

Belarus had to close the border with Poland and Lithuania. The border with Ukraine will be strengthened. Alexander Lukashenko, stated this at the women’s forum “For Belarus” on 17 September.

“We had to withdraw troops from the streets, put half of the army under arms and close the state border from the west – primarily with Lithuania and Poland. We had to strengthen the state border, unfortunately, with our fraternal Ukraine,” Lukashenko said.

Lukashenko added that he is not an aggressor, he grew up in a village where everyone defended and helped each other. “I don’t want our country to be at war. Moreover, I do not want Belarus and Poland, Lithuania to turn into a theater of military operations, where not our issues will be resolved.”

He said that he wants to appeal to the peoples of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine: “Stop your crazy politicians, do not let the war break out.” Besides, Lukashenko urged women not to worry, as “the men will solve this problem.”

At the same time, he noted that today “the situation is very difficult”, “the situation of the whole of Europe is being resolved here.”

“We can’t let it turn into a hot war. There are very few techniques left in their arsenal, and we are on the brink of a terrible disaster. If they come here, we will have to answer. We will not kneel down even if we are alone.”

Also, Lukashenko added that “if the country flinches now,” then “not only we will die, our children and grandchildren will die.”

The State Border Committee of the Republic of Belarus wasn’t available for comment on the “border closure”, it is unclear what was meant – military reinforcement, transit, or restrictions on entry and exit. Lithuanian and Polish border guards report that traffic continues as usual.

On 16 September, Alexander Lukashenko stated that preparations for the current situation in Belarus had been carried out over the past 10 years. A special scenario was developed to destroy the country.

“To remove all the masks, let’s name these players. At the level of global centers, this is primarily the United States, and more specifically, its network of funds designed to support so-called democracy. American satellites – Poland, Lithuania, Czechia, and unfortunately our Ukraine – operated on the European continent,” he said.

Source: TUT.BY