President Lukashenko With His 3 Sons Took Part In National Cleanup Day

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko and his three sons beautified Trofimova Krinitsa spring-well near the agro-town of Alexandria, the birthplace of the president. 

The action is a part of the National Cleanup Day that was held across the country on 21 April.

The president shared his childhood memories associated with this place.

“Everything is extraordinary for me here. This is my homeland. There is no a square meter, where I did not go barefoot.

Here we pastured cows – in our time here was an overgrown meadow, where we collected firewood. Every meter is trampled by my feet.

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This is why everything here is still unusual and at the same time familiar to me,” the head of state explained.

The spring-well was one of Alexander Lukashenko’s favourite places to visit as a child.

The president’s grandfather, woodworker Trofim, took care of the well, which was later named after him.

As for the healing properties of water, the president is not inclined to exaggerate.

However, he noted that the place is prayed-in and the water in the well is blessed.

Trofimova Krinitsa was restored several years ago following the president’s instructions.

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“We modernized it, it took another five years, and we decided to restore it on a larger scale.

People from all over the CIS came here, especially Belarusians, Russians, Ukrainians.

There was a sea of ​​people and not enough place for them. That’s why we expanded it a little without disturbing this earthly beauty.

Today, on the cleanup day we decided to add some strokes to make it clear that the person touched it, and did not forget that this well should be kept in good condition, ” Lukashenka said.

A small garden was developed near the well. The trees were planted in the form of the letters T and K to perpetuate the name of the well Trofimova Krinitsa.

Recall that 2018 was declared the Year of Native Land in Belarus. High officials and civil servants also took part in the national Cleanup Day last weekend.

Source: TUT.BY, BelTA