Alexander Lukashenko Tops CIS Leaders’ Approval Rating In Russia

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko took the first place in the *CIS leaders’ approval rating in Russia.

Brotherhood, stability and trust!

Alexander Lukashenko’s approval rating is 62%, which is followed by Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev with 56% of votes.

Belarus and Kazakhstan hold the strongest support of Russians, according to the survey of the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VtsIOM).

As many as 60% of Russians believe that Belarus is the most stable and successful country of the commonwealth. Then goes Kazakhstan with 41%.

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Meanhwile, 64% of Russians consider Belarus as their country’s closest partner in the international arena. Kazakhstan takes second place with 57%.

As many as 66% of respondents believe that the rights of Russian-speaking citizens are best secured in Belarus.

In 2010 Belarus’ rating was 27%, Kazakhstan came second with 38%.

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As many as 1,200 people took part in the poll conducted by VtsIOM on 17-18 November.

The rating included 11 countries: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Tajikistan.

*CIS or the Commonwealth of Independent States is a confederation of 9 states and 2 associate members formed during the dissolution of the USSR.

Georgia withdrew its membership in 2008, while the Baltic states chose not to participate at all.

Sources: TUT.BY, belTA