Lukashenko: We Can’t Cancel Victory Parade. We Simply Can’t Do This

“I must say that we cannot cancel the parade. We simply cannot do this,” Belarus President Alexander explained his position on the Victory Day parade.

“I have been thinking about it for a long time. Of course, it is an emotional, deeply ideological matter. We need to remember that those people were dying, including from viruses, other diseases.

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They didn’t think about it. They were dying for us, no matter how dramatic it may sound. Just think about what people will say. Maybe not immediately, a day or two after that, they will say that we got scared,” said the president.

Don’t badger people to attend

However, the head of state stressed that authorities shouldn’t make people attend the mass event if they don’t want to.

“If people do not want to go, if they are afraid and want to take care of their health, we will understand it. There are enough people today, thousands of them, who want this event to take place,” he sressed.

Alexander Lukashenko also said that veterans are among those who want to attend the parade but he would like to stick to his tactic of taking care of old people.

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“We understand that they are all over 90 today. (…) We can see that old people are most prone to all these infections, although young people get sick too. Therefore, no one should be made to attend this mass event,” the president said.

Parade is not the most dangerous event 

“I am worried that people will not approve of us hiding scared. Belarus is a living monument to that war. I think that representatives of all the states could be present here on this day.”

Besides, he welcomed Russian MPs and senators who expressed desire to attend the parade in Minsk. Overall, the president is convinced that the parade is not the most dangerous event from the point of view of epidemiologists and virologists.

The head of state noted that even though no restrictions were imposed during the holidays and weekends, people behaved responsibly, didn’t gather together and were careful about their health.