Taste Your President. Provocative Lukashenko Burger From Moscow

A cafe in Moscow has recently created a burger and named it after the Belarusian president. You’ll want that juicy, fat and surprisingly authoritarian burger.

Once you try it – you won’t turn it down for years. If you know what we mean.


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Публикация от КОКОБАЙ | МИНСК (@koko_by)

While Minsk is awaiting the legendary burger in the city, a local food hunter couldn’t but order it from Russia’s capital via Belavia delivery.

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Lukashenko burger includes a deep-dish bun, a meaty two-finger cutlet, Cheddar cheese, grilled onions, pickles, ketchup, and mayonnaise.


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Публикация от КОКОБАЙ | МИНСК (@koko_by)

The twist of the burger that makes it absolutely unique and Belarusian flavoured is… wait for it, a handmade coarsely grated dranik!

How much are you willing to pay for the Lukashenko in your mouth? Well, at the moment the price is about 320 Russian rubles, which is about $4,88 or €4,23.


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This is not the first time the president was used as inspiration for coffee and pizza images.

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Last year, Minsk bar created a funny ‘political’ collection of cups for hot drinks.

Although the bar owners said that “a jolly curly-haired Spaniard” has nothing to do with the president, it’s hard to miss some resemblance.