“No Decisions To Please Foreign Advisers.” Lukashenko Announces Dates Of Belarusian People’s Congress

Alexander Lukashenko announced the dates of the sixth Belarusian People’s Congress at today’s meeting on its preparation, according to the Pul Pervogo Telegram channel.

The message reads as follows: “We are planning to hold the Belarusian People’s Congress on 11-12 February.”

“All innovations that will be proposed at the upcoming Belarusian People’s Congress must serve one purpose – Belarusians and their well-being. There should be no decisions to please foreign advisers and their local adherents,” said Lukashenko.

According to Lukashenko, people “should hear from the authorities the main directions of our development for the upcoming five-year period and an analysis of the past achievements.”

“The two issues – economic and socio-political ones – should be considered. Our vision and suggestions to participants of the meeting must be specific and reflect the real challenges and aspirations of the people. We don’t need alienated theories. We need to meet the expectations of society. At the same time, we should study the widest range of opinions of our citizens,” he added.

The election of delegates begins tomorrow. “These should be people representing all strata and groups of the population, all the people of Belarus. In fact, this has always been the case, since 1996, when we held the first Belarusian People’s Congress,” noted Lukashenko.

According to Lukashenko, this “body of direct democracy has played an important role.” “It was not easy then either, we well remember: confrontation was escalated, but we managed to unite people and direct the energy of society for the good of the country,” Lukashenko’s press service quotes him.

Recall that this will be the sixth Belarusian People’s Congress. Traditionally, representatives of different branches of government, heads and employees of enterprises, representatives of companies from all regions come to Minsk to participate in a two-day meeting. They discuss the achievements in the country’s development over the previous five years and forecast documents for a new term.

Earlier it was reported that this time constitutional amendments will be presented at the “people’s council”. In early December, Alexander Lukashenko said that the Belarusian People’s Congress should become a constitutional body. He suggested electing delegates to the Belarusian People’s Congress for a five-year term. They will work on a voluntary basis. At the same time, their role and status will significantly increase: speakers of parliament, ministers and governors will be accountable to them.