President Lukashenko Wants To Amend Constitution Or Adopt New One

Belarus may amend the Constitution or adopt a new one, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko announced the intentions on Friday, 31 May.

At the meeting with heads of constitutional courts of foreign countries, he remarked that the country is thinking about a new phase since life keeps changing.

belarus constitution amendments lukashenko

President Lukashenko explained his intentions: “Processes have accelerated significantly. Our Constitution is lagging behind it a little bit.

I asked specialists of the Constitutional Court to submit their proposals about the possible improvement of our Constitution. Then we will sit together and discuss them.” 

The head of state noted the professionalism of the people working in the Constitutional Court of Belarus.

“We select candidates very carefully. These are experienced people who know life and what people want from us today,” he stressed.

The Constitution has been amended twice since the original adoption, in 1996 and in 2004. It is not the first time Lukashenko announced a constitutional reform. He has been talking about it since 2016.

According to the president, more powers should go to the government and the parliament. Lukashenko suggested that the electoral system might change as well.

Rebalance of power at the constitutional level and other possible amendments in BelarusFeed’s video below:

The president set the time frame for the reform, saying it will take less than five years, but he will not start it before the elections of 2020.

Recall that President Lukashenko announced that he will run for re-election but promised not to be the president for a lifetime.