Ministry of Transport Will Encourage Low-Cost Carriers To Come To Belarus

spottery_aeroport_belavia_06052016_tutby_brush_phsl_-5754There are no obstacles to low-cost arlines’ entering the Belarusian market, Minister of Transport Anatoly Sivak said at a press-conference on 6 March.

The Monday’s conference was devoted to to the development of the country’s transport system.

Rather, this is the problem of the low-costs themselves. When they decide whether to fly to an airport, they start from the economic value. In order for the new hub to be effective, those airlines want a certain passenger flow”, the official said.

At present there’s only one flight from Belarus operating on low-cost principle –  Minsk-Zhukovsky (Moscow) flight.

Belavia Will Launch Minsk-Brussels Direct Flight In April 2017

The misister assured that there are no legal obstacles that prevent low-cost airlines from opening flights from Minsk in other directions. “On the contrary, we are ready to contribute to it”, he said.

As the official had stated earlier, budget air carrier are not interested in flying to Minsk because of the low passenger traffic.

Besides, according to him, last year the national Belarusian airline Belavia reduced ticket prices by 10-48%.