One Weird Reason Why Low Costs Don’t Fly To Belarus

European low cost airlines not always meet Belarusian standards, managing director of the National Airport Minsk Dmitry Melikian said in an interview on CTV TV channel.

Belarus is not going to copy the model of Vilnius airport, which accepts a few low-cost airlines, according to the statement. The Head of the airport admitted that a few companies have already tried to enter the Belarusian market. However, working conditions of Minsk airstrip didn’t satisfy them.

In low-cost model you can carry for free only hand luggage, whereas for other baggage and food on the board you should pay additionally. This contradicts the standards of the National airport.

Low Costs in Belarus

We think that the payment for the tickets in our airport should include 20 kg of luggage and 8 kg of hand luggage. Don’t torment people, don’t make outcasts out of them. I think that our people should get high-quality services“, Dmitri Melikian said.

Where To Find Free Wi-Fi In Minsk?

The managing director expects that aircraft from North America, India and Japan will appear in Belarus in the foreseeable future. Dmitri Melikian is planning to transform Minsk into a major transport hub from Europe to Asia.

Early in March Ministry of Transport assured that there are no legal obstacles that prevent low-cost airlines from opening flights from Minsk. Rather, this is the problem of the low-costs themselves. When they decide whether to fly to an airport, they start from the economic value. In order for the new hub to be effective, those airlines want a certain passenger flow”, Minister of Transport Anatoly Sivak said. 


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