More Tea, Less Oil! New Lovely Place Appears On Komarovka Market

A new spot has appeared on the Minsk Komarovka market where people can buy tea brewed in a samovar.

Healing vitamin tea is made from herbs of Belarus (mint, lemon balm, thymes, hypericum) and is brewed in an old way: in a samovar of 45 litres. Besides samovars there is other authentic stuff here: cartwheel and trough on the wall, for instance, but you can also find black barrels there. Sergey, the keeper of this place, explains that it’s all about techno-retro thing: the combination of modern oil-energy and biological energy.

Daniil, Sergey’s son, says that «the place draws people attention and they ask a lot of question. We are glad to see their expressed interest and we hope it is because they feel our warmth.»

Sergey has been collecting samovars for almost 20 years. At first it was just his hobby, but he has recently made «Samovar show» and now he makes a living of it. Sergey with his team of 2 people first appeared on the Komarovka during the New Year Fair of 2020. And then they decided to stay here. You can find them on the territory of the outdoor market!

Source: TUT.BY