LIVE: Protests In Belarus, Day 91. The March Of People’s Power Across The Country

Today is the 13th consecutive Sunday of the nationwide protest in Belarus. Thousands are marching through Minsk streets, as the March of People’s Power is underway across the country. For 91 days, Belarusians have demanded Alexander Lukashenko to step down, hold new and fair election, stop violence against civilians and release all political prisoners.

Since morning mobile internet has been down, several metro stations have been closed and major streets blocked, security forces and their vehicles, including water cannons, paddy wagins and trucks with barbed wire have been spotted in different parts of the city. According to the deregistered Vesna human rights center, more than 700 people have already been detained and countring by 8.25 pm, including journalists, healthcare workers photographers, popular athelets and activists. Arrests mainly took place in Minsk, Gomel, Lyakhovichi and Baranovichi.

6.27 pm

The number of detainees across the country today exceeded 460 people, according to the deregistered Viasna human rights center, Among the detainees are winner of the Miss Belarus-2008 contest and former press secretary of the Brest Dynamo Olga Khizhinkova, famous Belarusian actor and “puppeteer” Alexander Zhdanovich, former artist of the Cirque du Soleil Semyon Bukin.

6.03 pm

Lipki Aerodrome. The car rally “For United Belarus!” started from here today. Reportedly, several hundred people gathered there, pop artists performed.

5.57 pm

Minsk. The moment a man is being detained on Nemiga Street. “What have I done?” the man asks. “My God, why are you grabbing people for? You are monsters,” the woman is heard saying. “I am also a pensioner, take me too,” says another woman.

5.31 pm

Minsk. The video shows the moment of people being arrested on Nemiga. One of the detainees, presumably, is being beaten by people in balaclavas right on the road.

5.24 pm

Minsk. The number of detainees across the country exceeded 380 people, according to the deregistered Viasna human rights center.

5.20 pm

Minsk. The video captures the moment as a person is transferred from a paddy wagon to an ambulance car.

5.17 pm

Minsk. More reports from eyewitnesses keep coming in that men in balaclavas are beating people during arrest. One of such incidents occurred at a store on Kuibysheva Street, it was captured on video. “What right do you have to beat a detainee?” the woman asks. “You are abusing the power” In the video at the 0.27, one of the people in a balaclava is allegedely hitting the detainee in a face.

4.52 pm

Minsk. TUT.BY readers have sent in a few photos that they took on the bridge on Nemiga. They claim that the red spots are the blood of detained people.

4.40 pm

Minsk. A video captures the moment of protesters being detained at the intersection of Independence and Masherov Street.

4.30 pm

Minsk. This is how security forces and people without insignias detained peaceful protesters on Pobediteley Avenue at about 12 am-1 pm.

4.26 pm

Minsk. Arrest continue in various parts of the city. Security forces are now detaining people at the Fahrenheit business center, TUT.BY readers say. Below is the moment of detention on Kuibysheva Street.

4.15 pm

Minsk. Unknown men with truncheons and without identification marks are detaining people on Nemiga near the Metropole shopping center.

4.16 pm 

Minsk. On Nemiga Street, after security forces dispersed the protesters about 30 minutes ago, a man was spotted lying on the sidewalk. TUT.BY reader reports that riot police arrived at the scene, and in 20 minutes an ambulance arrived.

4.13 pm 

Minsk. A chain of solidarity at the Pushkinskaya metro station – security forces disperse people, but they gather again after a while.

4.01 pm 

Minsk, arrests have been reported on Yakub Kolas Street.

4 pm 

Minsk, the moment of detention of the women who were walking with flowers on Kuibysheva street.

3.57 pm 

Minsk. There is a vehicle with security forces near Bangalore Square. “McDonald’s is closed at the entrance, but open at the exit,” says TUT.BY reader.

3.36 pm

Minsk. The detainees are beaten and pushed into a minibus on the Svisloch embankment.

3.54 pm 

A solidarity action in Zhodino.

3.53 pm

Minsk. Near the pedestrian bridge across Nemiga, an ambulance was called to the bus of the security forces, eyewitnesses say. A person was transported from a bus to the intensive care ambulance. Passers-by shouted to the security forces: “Fascists!”

3.36 pm

We have reports coming in that men in balaclavas are beating people during arrest. One of such incidents was filmed on the embankment near the Svisloch river. The detainees were forced to lie face down on the ground, then pushed into a minibus and beaten with truncheons.

3.35 pm 

Lipki airfield. A car rally “For United Belarus!” is underway. It turned out to be the largest car rally in support of Alexander Lukashenko. People have come from different regions of the country, including Minsk. Some athletes are spotted at the event, as well as Lukashenko’s press secretary Natalya Eismont.

3.34 pm

Minsk. Well-known Belarusian athletes – silver medalist of the 2008 Olympic Games in decathlon Andrei Kravchenko and multiple champion of Belarus in kickboxing and Thai boxing Ivan Ganin were detained today.

3.26 pm

In Pruzhany, “local residents have ordered a walking tour along all the main streets of the city,” writes Nasha Niva. The publication also informs that Smorgon residents have taken part in the action of solidarity too.

3.24 pm

People have also taken part in a solidarity action in Smolevichi.

3.17 pm

Minsk. Security forces are chasing people near Nemiga.

3.14 pm

A man who looks like Jan Grib was spotted on Nemiga Street. This is an elderly man with a cane who was detained by three riot policemen on Freedom Day in 2017. Then the photo of his arrest hit the pages of many media outlets.

3.13 pm

Minsk. The detainees are standing at the wall in the courtyard of the Soviet police department.

3.07 pm

In Vitebsk today, the protesters did not gather as planned on Victory Square. However, on Lenin Street, police detained Belsat journalist Alyona Shabunya and activist Tatiana Sevyarynets, the mother of politician Pavel Sevyarynets who is currently in jail.

3.04 pm

Minsk, this is what the arrests on Kalvariyskaya Street looked like.

3.03 pm 

Minsk. Detentions are taking place on Victory Square. This is how people were detained on Kommunisticheskaya Street.

3.02 pm

Minsk. Unknown men in balaclavas continey arbitrarily detain people on Nemiga. Probably, noise cartridges are used, as pops are heard.

2.58 pm

Minsk. Traffic jams on Lenin Street and Romanovskaya Sloboda.

2.56 pm

Minsk. An atmosphere on Bogdanovich Street not far from the Opera House. Nina Baginskaya, a legendary 73-year-old opposition activist was spotted walking without a flag and with a broken shaft.

Source: TUT.BY