LIVE: Protests In Belarus, Day 85. Thousands Swarm The Streets For March Against Terror

Nearly three months after Alexander Lukashenko announced his landslide victory in a vote widely seen as rigged, protesters keep swarming the streets of Belarusian cities to demand his resignation in the most massive and persisent wave of protests the country has ever seen. Today, on 1 November, a March Against Terror is taking place across Belarus. It is a day after women and people with disabilities took to Minsk streets.

In Minsk, authorities have closed metro stations and mobile internet services are down to prevent protesters from gathering. Hundreds of security forces, including police and military are on the streets too.

5.57 pm

Minsk. The security forces’ vehicles are leaving Kurapaty.

5.31 pm

Minsk. Despite mass detentions and brutal crackdown, people are still trying to make it to Kurapaty. They ascend to the main memorial through human corridor, as the protesters are standing shoulder to shoulder with raised national flags, Nasha Niva reports. People are heard singing songs near the central memorial.

5.23 pm

There are more than 60 people detained – among them are several journalists – at protest actions today. The detentions took place mainly in Minsk and in Grodno.

5.02 pm

Minsk. Many people are walking back from Logoisky tract towards the city center, eyewitnesses say. According to various estimates, from 500 to several thousand protesters managed to reach the tract. They are laying flowers and lighting candles at the Kurapaty crosses.

4.53 pm

Minsk. On Miroshnichenko Street, a uniformed man wiped his feet on a white-red-white flag. The whole street booed in response.

4.50 pm

There has been no march in Vitebsk today. People suggested different venues, as a result, the procession did not gather. Police vehicles have been standing in the city centre for three hours.

4.47 pm

Minsk. A part of the procession has broken through to the field and is moving towards Kurapaty.

4.43 pm

Minsk. Many people are running from the courtyards on Miroshnichenko and GamarnikStreeta, they are moving towards Kurapaty.

4.37 pm

Minsk. People who have been pushed from the Minsk Ring Road into the courtyards are trying to return.

4.35 pm

Minsk. Not far from Kurapaty, where many demonstrators have gathered, security forces have used flash bangs. Arrests are underway.

4.27 pm 

Minsk. Meanwhilearmored vehicles are driving along Pobediteley Avenue, while the protesters are moving towards Kurapaty.

4.16 pm

Brest. Another protest Sunday in Brest follows a new scenario. The demonstrators are walking in small groups along Sovetskaya Street. Some of them have red and white flowers in their hands. Lenin Square was partially fenced off with turnstiles, traffic is not blocked.

4.15 pm

Minsk. The protesters are marching along Miroshnichenko Street to the sound of drums.

4.15 pm

Minsk. On Miroshnichenko Street, people are walking on the road. The sound of an explosion is heard in the distance, eyewitnesses report.

3. 59 pm

Minsk. Kalinovskogo street. The moment security forces with weapons are detaining the demonstrators near the All Saints Church.

3.52 pm

Minsk. Eyewitnesses shared a video of the security forces moving away from the protesters near the Independence Avenue. People are chanting “Well done!”, “Well done!”.

3.52 pm

Minsk. Paddy wagons and minibuses are driving towards the Minsk Ring Road. Traffic police do not let passenger cars to Gamarnik Street, only public transport.

3.40 pm

Minsk. A stun grenade has just been used at Logoisky Tract, eyewitnesses say. Many paddy wagons have arrived here. People keep gathering at Logoisky Tract rom all sides. They do not stop any more and keep moving.

3.35 pm

Human rights activists report hundreds of detainees during the Sunday protest rally. As of 3.20 pm, there are 327 names of those detained in Minsk, Borisov, Gomel, Grodno, Berezino, Brest, Mogilev, Molodechno, Postavy, Soligorsk, Smilovichi, BelaPAN reports.

3.14 pm

Grodno. There is no protest rally in the city this Sunday. People decided to gather in their neighborhoods in small groups, nonetheless, there are many security forces in the city center. According to eyewitnesses, they selectively detain men walking in the city center.

“Four people were detained near a department store,” say eywitnesses.

3.12 pm 

Vitebsk. Protesters are gather near the Town Hall. There are many security forces and their vehicles. At about 3 pm, the police detained three-five people. Several people have been sitting on benches near the fountain opposite the Town Hall. The police talked to them and then invited them to a bus.

3.06 pm

Minsk. The tens of thousands of protesters are heard chanting “Long live Belarus!”

3.02 pm

Minsk. The procession is currently on Independence Avenue. Uniformed people have automatic and smooth-bore weapons. Brutal detentions are reported.

2.50 pm

Minsk. The moment security forces have pushed back the protesters and detained some of them on the Independence Avenue.

2.37 pm

Misnk. Reports are coming in about first arrests near Moskovskaya metro station.

2.35 pm

Minsk. A part of the procession is blocked in the section from Volgogradskaya to Aleksandrov Passage. The column had turned around and gone to the Academy of Sciences.

2.28 pm

Minsk. Water cannons are driving across the bridge from the National Library towards the Moskovskaya metro station.

2.17 pm

Minsk. Opposite the Luch plant, a traffic police car has stopped, it does not allow cars to pass along Independence Avenue. The cars turn around and drive off towards the Academy of Sciences. Ttraffic police demand people to leave the roadway.

From the side of the Academy of Sciences, only minibuses and traffic police cars are seen driving. Probably, the avenue in that area is blocked. From the side of the Moskovskaya metro station, police warnings and pops similar to shots are heard.

2.14 pm

Minsk. The procession began to move along Independence Avenue towards the Moskovskaya metro station. People came out onto the roadway of the avenue.

2.01 pm

Minsk. Some cars driving along Independence Avenue past Tolbukhin Boulevard are slowing down and honking. There are more and more people on the boulevard, and they keep coming.

1.47 pm

Minsk. People are marching in small group along Independence Avenue towards the Luch plant, and already several hundred people have gathered on Tolbukhin Boulevard. According to one man, two uniformed policemen approached him on the boulevard.

“I was just sitting on a bench, drinking a coke, they came up and said: ‘If you want to spend this evening at home, you should leave – there will be events on the boulevard. If you don’t want to, continue to sit here.’ They said the same to people with children gathering leaves there,” said the man.