LIVE: Protests In Belarus, Day 78. March In Support Of People’s Ultimatum

On the morning of 25 October, military vehicles and minibuses with security forces inside have been spotted in different parts of Minsk. Fences were instaled in Independence Square and near the Great Patriotic War Museum. In some neighbourhoods, people form solidarity human chains. We follow the most interesting events of this day – stay with us!

7.14 pm

Minsk. Novaya Gazeta has published a photo of a man with a wound to his abdomen. It reports that he was shot with a rubber bullet.

7.12 pm 

Police officers sprayed pepper gas directly into the faces of the women. Brutal detention of a man in Polotsk was caught on video.

7.06 pm

According to Hrodna.life, about 80-100 people were detained in Grodno. Several dozen residents gathered near the Leninsky District Department of Internal Affairs, where the detainees were taken.

6.59 pm

Minsk. This is what the peaceful protest on Orlovskaya Street looked like before the crackdown of the security forces.

6.56 pm

Below is another video footage from Orlovskaya Street where unknown people threw stun grenades in fleeing people.

6.42 pm

This is what the dispersal of protesters looked like on Orlovskaya Street.

6.34 pm

It became known that two more journalists who were coming home after covering the rallies were detained in Vitebsk. These are Sputnik journalist Pavel Vur and TUT.BY and Narodnaya Volya photojournalist Ales Piletsky.

6.33 pm

Minsk. In the courtyards on Novovilenskaya Street, unknown persons in helmets, balaclavas, with strobe lights and truncheons searched the courtyards for protesters. At some point, one of them shouted to the author of the video “Take your phone away!”.

6.29 pm

Minsk. Here is what TUT.BY readers write about the explosions of stun grenades near Novovilenskaya and Orlovskaya Streets.

“Most likely, there are injuried people. A grenade exploded right behind me. The man fell and screamed.”

“One of the stun grenades on Novovilenskaya exploded right at the girl’s feet. She remained standing in the smoke, then somehow, limping, she ran with the crowd.”

6.27 pm

Minsk. A massive crackdown took place near Orlovskaya Street. Security forces used stun grenades, window glass was broken.

6.12 pm

Minsk. On Orlovskaya Street, numerous explosions have been heard. People are fleeing to yards. Many paddy wagons are driving along the street.

6.08 pm

Minsk. When unknown people in balaclavas were leaving in minibuses from Orlovskaya Street, they threw some object into the crowd of protesters. But it did not explode, but only began to smoke.

5.59 pm

Minsk. The procession came close to the security forces who blocked its path at the Supreme Court. People came to the cordon chanting “He will dump you”, “Tribunal” and “Go away, rat.” Some people moved to Victory Park in the direction of the Starovilensky tract.

5.55 pm

Minsk. One of the demonstrators approached the security forces’ cordon. They tried to detain him but people managed to recapture him. After that, there was a brief confrontation. As a TUT.BY reader reports, a man in a balaclava fired twice in the air, and then directed his weapon at the demonstrators.

5.54 pm

Minsk. The procession is moving along Orlovskaya Street. People are greeating the protesters not only from the windows, but also from the rooftops.

5. 35 pm

Minsk. People continue to walk along Orlovskaya Streets, chanting: “There is no place for dictatorship from Khabarovsk to Brest” and “Lukashenko to a paddy wagon.” The head of the procession turned towards the Palace of Independence.

“We have almost reached a police department,” the young people in the procession joke.

5.31 pm

Minsk. A procession of many thousands of demonstrators is marching along Orlovskaya Street.

5.24 pm

Minsk. This is what the procession of protesters looked like from above. Photos by Drone Pilots Group.

5.24 pm

Minsk. The procession is moving along Orlovskaya Street chanting “Look out the window instead of watching TV”. The residents of the houses are greeting the protesters.

5.24 pm

Minsk. Unknown people in balaklvavs, with light green bandages and batons in their hands, are running in the courtyards at the intersection of Kolas and Surganov Streets. Apparently, they are looking for demonstrators. The locals don’t like it very much.

5.08 pm

Minsk. All metro stations are open to passengers, the Minsk Metro reports.

5.13 pm

Minsk. At Bangalor Square, the procession divided, some went along Bogdanovich Street, others moved along Orlovskaya Street.

5.10 pm

Today in Brest, according to early reports, 12 people were detained. Now the procession is walking along Sovetskaya Street.

5.04 pm

Minsk. Unlike the protesters on Bogdanovich Street who let the ambulance pass, the unidentified people with shields, in balaclavas and helmets – didn’t. The ambulance with turned on flashing lights had to turn around.

5.01 pm

Minsk. relentless 73-year-old opposition activist Nina Baginskaya also took part in the rally today. The protesters greeted her with applause.

4.52 pm

Minsk. The procession returned to Surganov Street and moved to Bangalor Square.

4.51 pm

At the intersection of Sovetskaya and Gogol Streets in Brest, at least two people were arrested. People continue to stand near the Didas Persia shopping center. They are chanting “Long live Belarus!”.

4.48 pm

The moment of detentions in Novopolotsk.

4.47 pm

Minsk. A time-lapse video filmed on Masherova Avenue, not far from Belaya VezhaCasinno. The actual shooting time is about 35 minutes.

4.44 pm

Minsk. Ales Mikhalevich, ex-presidential candidate of 2010, was spotted among the protesters.

4.39 pm

Minsk. A procession of many thousands of protesters is moving towards Independence Avenue along Surganov Street.

4.35 pm

Minsk. Protesters are chanting “Strike!”, “Strike!” on Bogdanovich Street.

4.34 pm

In Brest, a procession of about 200 people is walking along Sovetskaya Street. People are chanting “Get out, you and your OMON”, “Long live Belarus!”

4.26 pm

In Gomel, on Sovetskaya Street, people cannot gather in a procession, since riot police have lined up at the crossroads. There are still a lot of police vehicles there.

4.14 pm

Minsk. The procession is moving along Maxim Bogdanovich Stree towards Bangalore Square. The exits to the adjacent streets are blocked by the security forces.

4.12 pm

Despite the dispersal of demonstrators in Brest, they kept marching further along Sovetskaya Street. They stand near the Gostiny Dvor shopping center, clapping and chanting, “We believe, we can, we shall overcome!”.

3.59 pm

The vibes of the march in Minsk.

3.58 pm

In Vitebsk, people continue to walk along Frunze Avenue and then to Smolenskaya Street. Journalists from the Vitebsk regional television and radio company are covering the march. People are chanting slogans, clapping, but not carrying any banners or flags.

3.55 pm

In Brest, on Budyonogo Street, riot police divided the procession. Several people were detained, including Zinaida Mikhnyuk, a member of the organizing committee of the National Assembly and head of the regional branch of the independent trade union of the radio-electronic industry.

3.51 pm

Minsk. The convoy of security forces drove from the Romanovskaya Sloboda to Independence Avenue. In addition to trucks with manpower in the convoy, a car with a Bruno barrier – a modern analogue of barbed wire.

3.49 pm

In Brest, about 150 people are standing in front of the Belarus cinema.

3.45 pm

The procession from Minsk Hero City Obelisk is along Masherov Avenue. Here are some photos from the scene.

3.47 pm

Minsk. The video shows an incident on Yanka Kupala Street, where a man jumped into the Svisloch river to avod detention.

3.45 pm

Photo moments of the dispersal of a peaceful protest march in Novopolotsk.

3.35 pm

A small procession of protesters has gathered in Brest. People are marching along Sovetskaya Street in the direction of Pushkinskaya Street, accompanied by police. They do not chant any slogans and have no symbols with them.

3.32 pm

Minsk. Large groups of people are moving towards the Minsk Hero City Obelisk along the Svisloch embankment near Nemiga.

3.23 pm

Minsk. According to the video, more people have already taken part in today’s rally than in any other Sunday demonstration in the past month. More people are coming.

3.18 pm

Minsk. The procession at Minsk Hero City Stele, the Stary Olsa band was spotted among the participants.

3.16 pm

Minsk. This video was shot at about 3.05 pm. A long procession of protsters were moving along Rakovskaya Street towards Nemiga, and then to Minsk Hero City Stele.

3.14 pm

This is what brutal detentions in Lida looked like.

3.12 pm

In Vitebsk, the procession marched along Lenin Street to Freedom Square. The police blocked Lenin Street towards the central city Victory Square. Then the protesters moved to Lenin Street and walked along Frunze Avenue.

3.10 pm

Arrests in Volkovysk.

3.09 pm

Minsk. Alexander Avdevich from Lida, a wheelchair user who traveled 4,000 kilometers on a handbike across Europe, was spotted taking part in a march in Minsk.

3.03 pm

In Novopolotsk, the procession headed towards the square from the Streletsky Capital shopping center. When the security forces blocked the road, people turned around and formed a chain along the road. Arrests started.

“People are hiding in the Streletsky Capital shopping center, at least one was detained,” a reader reports. While the police were busy with a procession near the shopping center, a small group of people also gathered in Novopolotsk Square.

3.01 pm

Minsk. This is what a procession of protesters on Pobediteley Avenue looks from above.

3 pm

Minsk. When the head of the procession has reached the Minsk Hero City Stele, the tail is still on the bridge at Freedom Square.

3 pm

Security forces used tear gas against protesters in Lida, ambulances arrived, readers report.

2.59 pm

Minsk. A huge procession of protesters came close to Minsk Hero City Stele.

4.58 pm

In Gomel, people are gathering with flowers or autumn leaves in the Turovsky park. Police officers are approaching people and ask them to disperse.

2.32 pm

Minsk. A procession of many thousands of demonstrators is now at Pobedy Square. They are heading towards the city center. Unidentified people in helmets and balaclavas blocked Independence Avenue near the circus.

2.25 pm

Minsk. Water cannons, military vehicles and security forces came to Lenin Street. The security forces moved towards Svobody Square. Some formed a chain at the intersection of Lenin and Internationalnaya Streets. People have line up on the bridge to the Pobeditely Avenue.

2.22 pm

Minsk. In the area of Svobody Square, demonstrators with flags and banners came out onto the roadway of Pobediteley Avenue.

2.20 pm

Vitebsk. Several police and traffic police patrols have been spotted near the Philharmonic. The security forces are scattered along the nearest streets, sitting in cars. The police are checking the documents of young people at a bus stop.

About 20-30 people scattered from the square along the right side of Lenin Street towards the city center. The cars of the security forces are heading there too.

2.16 pm

In Grodno, about 200 people gathered on Sovetskaya Street. The residents of Grodno stood near the Youth Center and walked towards Lenin Square. The pedestrian street next to the registry office building was blocked by the security forces. People reached the department store and turned back.

2.11 pm

Minsk. People are gathering at the town hall, applauding and chanting “Long live Belarus”. People moving from Lenin Street and Nemiga are heading there.

2.09 pm

Minsk. Security force with shields blocked Lenin Street near the hotel “Europe”.

2.06 pm

Minsk. Traffic was blocked near the hotel “Planet” along Pobediteley Avenue towards the city center. Besides, the traffic police blocked Independence Avenue near the Academy of Arts.

1.56 pm

Minsk. Photojournalist of Komsomolskaya Pravda Svyatoslav Zorky and journalist Novy Chas Dmitry Dmitriev were detained.

12.23 pm

Minsk. The Minsk metro reports that at 12.23 pm in order to ensure the safety of passengers, a number of metro stations have been closed. Trains run without stopping at these stations.