LIVE: Protests In Belarus, Day 43. The March Of Justice Across The Country

Protests in Belarus after the presidential election on 9 August and the subsequent announcement of the victory of Alexander Lukashenko. BelarusFeed is following the developments across the country on Sunday, 20 September.

7.58 pm

According to the de-registered Viasna human center, more than 110 people were detained in Belarus today.

7.34 pm

Minsk. The Victory Square metro station is open and operates in a normal mode.

7.25 pm

Minsk. This is what the procession of protesters on Timiryazev street looked liked from a drone.

7.23 pm

Minsk. Several people were detained near the philharmonic hall. Nearby are buses with tinted windows. People are dragged out of the underpass. A young couple was just walking at the Philharmonic, when riot police officers ran up to them and took them into a minibus.

7.07 pm

The mobile internet connection in Minsk was restored.

7 pm

Minsk. TUT.BY reader reports detentioms near the NLO club on Kolas Street, the security forces detain people with their bicycles.

6.52 pm

In Brest, the protest rally also ended, the demonstrators went home.

6.47 pm

Minsk. The procession on the Independence Avenue dispersed. The Yakub Kolas Square metro station is not working yet.

6.46 pm

Minsk. The detentions on Zmitrok Byaduli today.

6.41 pm

Minsk. This is what detentions between Victory Square and Yakub Kolas Square looked like.

6.37 pm

Minsk. In the TSUM [Central Department Store] area, minibuses with tinted windows drove along the procession, as a result, people scattered into the yards. No protesters are spotted there.

6.30 pm

In Brest, the procession keeps marching along the central streets of the city. Several hundred people walked along the Sovetskaya street – Budyonnogo street – Kosmonavtov Boulevard – Pushkinskaya street route. The protesters returned to Sovetskaya street to the place where it all began.

6.26 pm

Minsk. A water cannon broke down on Kozlov street – a large orange puddle fomed under it. The security forces are trying to fix it.

6.19-6.25 pm

Minsk. Reinforcements [people in black uniform] have arrived to the security forces on the avenue. Arrests have started near the Mir cinema. The people decided to move away from the security forces and went towards Yakub Kolas Square.

6.06 pm

Minsk. The security forces are pushing people off the Independence Avenue, hitting the shields. Part of the procession on Kozlova street was cut off from the one on the avenue.

6.06 pm

A video of an incident in Lida, where people in balaclavas and police uniforms tried to detain protesters. At some point, several dozen people rushed towards them, people in uniform ran away without detaining anyone.

6.03 pm

In Minsk, people occasionally approached the security forces and tried to talk to them. In particular, two women read the 3rd article of the Constitution, which says that “the people are the only source of state power and the bearer of sovereignty in the Republic of Belarus”.

5.43 pm

Minsk. 15 minutes ago, the tail of the column was still on Nemiga street.

5.31 pm

In Brest, men in black and helmets were trying to take one of the protesters. The people joined their hands and pushed the security forces aside.

5.31 pm

Minsk. The column reached the Komarovsky market. Here the opinions of the protesters were divided again. Some wanted to go to the avenue, others – in the direction to the Riga shoppinng center, eventually, the procession moved to the avenue.

5.29 pm

Minsk. The tail of the column passed the intersection of Romanovskaya Sloboda and Nemiga street. This is what the procession looked like throughout the day.

5.23 pm

In Mogilev, security forces cordoned off Glory Square, so the protesters had to moved to Leninskaya street, where the rally ended.

5.20 pm

Watch the video with harsh arrests from Brest. At the end of the video, a man in black and wearing a helmet fires into the air.

5.19 pm

Minsk. The procession marching along Along Kuibyshev street reached Masherov street. Among the numerous white-red-white flags there is at least one Ukrainian, one Russian and a white one with the words “A flag” on it.

5.09 pm

Minsk. The video footage below was filmed from a bridge on Nemiga. It allows to estimate the scale of today’s march.

5.05 pm

Minsk. At the entrance to the Nemiga metro station, a mini-orchestra is playing Grai by Lyapis Trubetskoy, right behind the musicians are tens of thousands of people with white-red-white flags.

The avenue is completely blocked by the security forces. The barrier was installed at approximately 4.50 pm.

4.59 pm

Minsk. The procession has been marching along Romanovskaya Sloboda to Nemiga street for about twenty minutes now.


4.54 pm

In Brest, a procession of protesters on Sovetskaya street approached the site, where a dance program for elderly people was arranged that evening. The demonstrators supported the dancers with applause and joined the dancers. When the song was over, the host said, “no matter how difficult it is, this is the place for love and music.”

People supported him with applause. After that, the conductor took the floor asking not to turn the event into a political one and stressed that the orchestra would not play if the white-red-white flags were not lowered. In response, people started to shout “Shame!” , they did not lower its flags, but went back down Sovetskaya Street.

4.53 pm

Mogilev. The column continues to move around the city, although the number of people in it has noticeably decreased. About 400 people are walking along Lazarenko street towards Glory Square. A silver minibus and a paddy wagon are driveing along the route.

4.51 pm

Gomel. The police managed to disperse the protesters. They are leaving the city centre in small groups. Volunteers are now trying to find out the names and phone numbers of the detainees.

4.44 pm

In Gomel, a TUT.BY journalist was filming a clash between two pensioners over a banner. Video ends at the moment when a riot police officer takes a phone from the journalist.

4.40 pm

In Vitebsk, security forces blocked Lenin Square by buses, where peaceful protesters gathered. People turned around and walked towards the city center. The demonstrators with white-red-white falgs lined up in front of the summer amphitheater.

4.39 pm

People gathered in the center of Lida. They are heard chanting: “We are not the opposition – we are the majority!”

4.29 pm

Minsk. The procession passed unhindered along Timiryazev street and turned to Kalvariyskaya street, chanting “We believe, we can, we will win!” and “Long live Belarus”. The procession is marching along Romanovskaya Sloboda towards Nemiga street.

Other protesters, which were at the Belarusian State University of Physical Education (BSUPE), turned around and are also moving in this direction.

4.29 pm

Minsk. A weird-looking barrier was set up by the security forces on Gorodskoy Val street in the direction of Nezavisimosty Avenue.

There were a paddy wagon with a barricade breaker and two vehicles with barred barriers. After that, most of the security forces and transport left and only security officers with shields and a few military jeeps remained at the barrier.

4.17 pm

Several dozen people were detained during a protest rally in Grodno. Below are some photos of the march and detentions.

4.14 pm

Arbitrary detentions are reported in Brest. Men in black on four minibuses drove up to Gogol street. About 10 people were detained and pushed into minibuses. The police reportedly used pepper spray. The protesters fled to courtyards and neighboring streets. Tinted minibuses are driving along the roads.

4.12 pm

In the video from Grodno, an unknown person in a cap attacked a man from behind who was just walking down the street. The unknown person immediately closed his mouth with his hand and dragged him to a minibus.

4.07 pm

Minsk. “We are the power here”, “This is our city”, “One for all and all for one”, “We will not forget, we will not forgive”, with such slogans the procession occupied the roadway on Timiryazeva street and went to Griboyedov street.

Inhabitants of the residential buildings support the protesters by clapping hands and waving flags out their windows.

4.03 pm

Minsk. There are security forces and barbed wire on Timiryazeva street near the Atlant plant in front of Saperov street.

4.03 pm

Another harsh detention in Grodno. Unidentified men in balaclavas and helmets broke a window, dragged a man to the ground and handcuffed him.

3.59 pm

In Mogilev, several dozen police officers cordoned off a passage at the intersection of Pervomayskaya and Timiryazevskaya streets. The crowd rushed through the carriageway to the opposite side of the street, some of the people fled.

3.56 pm

Minsk. The head of the procession that turned onto Ignatenko street reached Timiryazeva street. This street towards Pushkin Avenue is blocked by special equipment and security forces with shields.

3.55 pm

In Gomel, riot police again blocked the road the procession was marching along. The photo below was taken near the circus.

3.53 pm

Minsk. This is what a procession marching from the Minsk Hero City Stele, looks from above.

3.28 pm

Minsk. TUT.BY journalist reports tens of thousands of Near the Minsk Hero City Stele.

3.27 pm

Minsk. More than 1000 people are marching from Khoruzhei street towards the Minsk Hero City Stele. People are chanting “We believe, we can, we will win!” Masherov Avenue is blocked by two military trucks and a traffic police car.

3.21 pm

In Brest, people gathered on Masherov Avenue near the intersection with Sovetskaya street. Tinted buses drove up there, the protesters fled to the courtyards. According to eyewitnesses, at least four people were detained.

3.20 pm

Hasrh detentions in Grodno. In the video, unmrked people in helmets and balaclavas are dragging heavily pregnant woman. They were also seen dragging a man, probably unconscious, to the paddy wagon by his arms and legs.

3.19 pm

Vitebsk. The procession has passed the Millennium Bridge. In the center, three people are carrying white-red-white canvasses.

3.19 pm

Minsk. A large procession of people at the Galeria shopping and entertainment center is marching towards the Minsk Hero City Stele.

3.14 pm

Minsk. People are gathering near the Minsk Hero City Stele, the monument is cordoned off by security forces, the passage from Masherov street side is blocked. The security forces played music really loud so that the chantng of the crowd are not heard.

3.04 pm

Mogilev. People hav gathered in the square near the Atrium shopping center. They were chanting to the security forces “Protect the people.” After that, the protesters sang Kupalinka folk song. A police officer warned through a loudspeaker that the event was illegal.

2.59 pm

Minsk. People are gathering on the bridge and on the upper tiers of the Na Nemige trading house. Paddy wagona drove up, people fled, one man was detained. So far, it looks like the security forces do not allow to gather in a procession.

Several people were detained near the Royal Plaza business center. Security forces are checking the yards.

Hundreds of people are marching from the side of the Sports Palace in the direction of the Minsk Hero City Stele, some have stopped near the Planet hotel and sat on the lawns. Volunteers are on duty near the trade union house on Melnikayte street.

2.59 pm

Mogilev. Veteran Alexander Fear addressed the assembled protesters. He has been recently fined for participating in an unsanctioned action.

2.51 pm

A march of solidarity began in Vitebsk. At 2.45 pm a procession departed from the site near the Marko-City business center along Frunze Avenue.

2.49 pm

At about 2.35 pm, TUT.BY readers report problems with mobile internet in Minsk. The mobile operator confirmed the information. According to A1, this is “in accordance with the order of the authorized state bodies.”

2.48 pm

Minsk. As soon as the paddy wagons leave Nemiga, people are gathering again trying to form a procession. They walk a couple of tens of meters, and the paddy wagons return, forcing people to flee.

Several people were detained there. The security forces prevent those who have gathered and those coming from the avenue to form a procession and move to the Galleria shopping center.

2.40 pm

Minsk. A column of vans and minibuses, accompanied by police cars, drove along Pobediteley Avenue to the Minsk Hero City Stele. About a hundred people are marching along the sidewalk in the same direction, some are carrying flags.

2.37 pm

Gomel. A small column was spotted on Sovetskaya street. Blue tinted minibuses are nearby.

2.36 pm

Minsk. A man with a white-red-white flag was detained near the Sports Palace. People gathered around Galleria Minsk are whistling, claping and chanting”Long live Belarus!”

2.30 pm

The unsanctioned March of Justice is currently taking place in Minsk.

Participants decided to change the route due to a large number of security forces in the center of the city. They are to gather near the Minsk Hero City Obelisk and the Nemiga metro station. Then they will walk allegedly along Pobediteley Avenue towards Independence Avenue.

The protesters were offered to leave the banenrs at the presidential administration, the buildings of the KGB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Prosecutor General’s Office.

Transport traffic near the residence of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is completely blocked. Security forces have stretched barbed wire at a road junction leading to the Palace of Independence from the side of Orlovskaya street. There are two armored personnel carriers there.