LIVE: Protests In Belarus, Day 71. March Of Partisans Kicks Off In Belarus

Today is the 71st day after the presidential election in Belarus. Yesterday a women’s march and demarche, as well as a students rally took place in Minsk. On the other hand, about a hundred cars drove in a convoy from Minsk to Vitebsk under the state flags of Belarus.

The protests in Belarus have been underway for over two months with no sign of fading away. Sunday’s March of Partisans has kicked off at about 2 pm across the country. Security forces, paddy wagons, water cannons, buses and minibuses have been spotted in different Minsk neighbourhoods.

Please, scroll down to see the chronology of the March of Partisans in Minsk and other cities and towns across the country happening right now.

6.16 pm

The video shows the scale of the today’s rally in Minsk from a bird’s eye view on Partizansky Prospekt.

5.52 pm

Minsk. Today’s March of Partisans is coming to an end. Many vehicles with security officers have arrived in the Malinin Street area. People are leaving in small groups. Mobile internet connection has been restored. Arbitrary detentions continue.

 5.50 pm

Unidentified people in balaclavas, helmets and with batons were detaining people at the A-100 gas station on Partizansky Prospekt. Looks like one of them has managed to escape – he had to climb over several fences.

5.49 pm

Minsk. At the Motovelo plant, a driver tried to get away from a minibus with unknown people in balaclavas. After a few tens of meters he has been stopped and detained.

5.41 pm

Human rights activists: there are more than 55 names on the list of those detained during today’s march. The list is being updated.

5.40 pm

Minsk. This is what Partizansky Prospekt looked like at 4.30 pm.


5.32 pm

Minsk. The protesters on Rokossovsky Prospekt has cleared a path for an ambulance. In response, a man sitting in a front seat has showed a Victory sign.

5.27 pm

Minsk. This is what the procession of protesters on Rokossovsky looks like. People are chating “Lukashenko to a paddy wagon!”.

5.23 pm

Minsk. The traffic police has blocked Rokossovsky Prospekt from Malinin Street.

5.22 pm

Grodno. A paddy wagon, military vehicles and a tinted bus are leaving the cinty center. There are still a lot of people on Sovetskaya Street, there have been no detentions today.

5.20 pm

Minsk. At 5.20 pm all metro stations are open. The metro works in a regular mode.

5.18 pm

Minsk. There is a huge traffic jam in In Chizhovka microdistrict.

5.17 pm

The castle in Novogrudok in Grodno region.

5.11 pm

Minsk. This is what the procession of demonstrators have looked like at Rokossovsky Prospekt from a height.

5.09 pm

Minsk. Opposite the Motovelo Plant, unknown people in helmets, balaclavas and with batons have run out of a minibus and have pulled a driver and passenger out of a parked car.

5.05 pm

Binokl and Brestskaya Gazeta photojournalist Roman Chmel and Brestskaya Gazeta freelancer Maxim Khlebets have been detained in Brest.

5.02 pm

Minsk, the procession of many thousands of protesters have been marching along Vaneev Street to the sound of drums.

4.55 pm

Minsk. Police told RIA Novosti that security forces fired rubber bullets into the air several times as protesters threw stones at them.

4.51 pm

People with flags took to the streets of Smorgon, the video was shot at about 11 am. “The element of surprise,” TUT.BY reader, who sent the video writes.

4.48 pm

Meanwhile, in Mogilev.

4.46 pm

Minsk. “Solidarity is our weapons”, the poster reads.

4.41 pm

Minsk. On Vaneev Square, most protesters have turned onto Vaneeva Street and moved towards Rokossovsky Prospekt, some people are gradually leaving.

4.39 pm

In Brest, at the intersection of Masherov Prospket and Sovetskaya Woman Street, the protesters have briefly blocked the way of a minibus with law enforcement officers inside. There, at least five people have been detained during the dispersal, @khliabets reports.

4.38 pm

Minsk. After the protesters have run into a water cannon, barbed wire of unknown people in helmets, with shields and batons, people have turned in the opposite direction. At some point, a minibus with unknown men in balaclavas have driven up to them. A special shell has been thrown from the minisbus on the ground and it has exploded. Judging by the video, no one was hurt.

4.22 pm

Despite mass arrests, threats of using firearms against protesters, and bad weather dozens of thousands are marching Minsk streets today. This is what the procession of protesters looks like.

4.14 pm

Minsk. The protesters are marching back along Partizansky Prospekt, now people are near the Belarus department store. Several minibuses with security forces have arrived to meet the procession moving from the city center. They have approached the protesters, turned around and left. Explosions are heard somewhere near the department store.

4.13 pm

In Mogilev, the police are on duty at the main squares: Lenin Square, Glory Square, the site near the Atrium shopping center, as well as in the Zvezda Square on the pedestrian Leninskaya Street. Paddy vans are parked near Zvezda Square and in Glory Square. There are no mass rallies in the regional center.

4.11 pm

In Brest, protesters are chanting “Minsk, we are with you!”

4.07 pm

In Gomel, the security forces did not allow pedestrians to enter Sovetskaya Street.

4.05 pm

Minsk. The head of the column has reached the cordon of the security forces. One man has come close to the cordon and has been detained. Predator and Tsunami water cannons have also been spotted there. The protesters have decided to turn around and go in the opposite direction.

4.05 pm

In Zhabinka, people are dancing to the Warriors of Light song, Binocular reports.

4.05 pm

Minsk. A large convoy of vehicles has moved along Independence Avenue and then turned to Surganov Street, towards the Avtozavodskaya metro station.

4.04 pm

In Vitebsk, small groups of people are walking around the city with flowers. On Frunze Prospekt, the police have checked the documents of a group of women with bouquets.

4 pm

Minsk. Detentions at the beginning of Partizansky Prospekt continue. Unidentified people in balaclavas are arbitrarily grabbing people walking along the sidewalk.

3. 58 pm

Several dozen protesters are marching on Sovetskaya Street in Gomel. At the crossroads with Irininskaya Street they have been met by riot police. Several arrests are reported.

3.53 pm

Minsk. This is what a procession of thousands of protesters near the Belarus department store looked like from a bird’s eye view.

3.43 pm

Minsk. People are greeting protesters from their balconies at Partizansky Prospekt.

Photo: TUT.BY reader

3.41 pm

Minsk. A few minutes ago, TUT.BY readers have noticed a group of drummers at the very beginning of Partizansky Prospect. They are trying to catch up with the main group of protesters.

3.39 pm

Minsk. The head of the procession of protesters has reached the bridge near the Belarus department store. People are chanting: “Let’s wait!” and are waiting for the protesters from the tail of the column.

3.36 pm

Minsk. The procession between Vaneev Square and Partizanskaya metro station.

3.35 pm

According to eyewitnesses, there is a water cannon behind the building of the city executive committee in Grodno. Grodno residents have scattered along Sovetskaya Street in small group.

3.29 pm

Minsk. This is what a column of tens of thousands of protesters in Vaneyev Square looked like.

3.25 pm

Minsk. A video footage of the procession marching near the Motovelo Plant.

3.08 pm

Minsk. The procession is moving towards the Belarus department store.

3 pm

Minsk. This is what the procession of demonstrators looked like at the very beginning of its movement along Partizansky Prospekt.

2.26 pm

Minsk. From the side of Lenin, Oktyabrskaya and Aranskaya streets, people in small groups are approaching the beginning of Partizansky Prospekt.

2.22 pm

In Gomel, at all crossroads of the central streets, there are vans and tinted buses.

2.17 pm

In Zhodino, people are gathering at a traditional eeting place, a “suspicious minibus” has been spotted nearby.

2.16 pm

In Svetlogorsk, several people have been detained during a peaceful procession. TUT.BY readers report eight detainees.

Photo: Svetlogorsk channel

2.15 pm

Minsk. People in small groups are moving along Smolenskaya Street towards Partizansky Propsekt. Cars are honking.

2.06 pm

Mobile internet has been disconnected. MTS reports that access to the internet was limited due to measures taken by authorised state bodies to ensure national security.

1.52 pm

Minsk. This is what Saperov Street looks now (it leads to the Palace of Independence): there are a lot of paddy wagons, cars with barbed wire, heavy equipment and jeeps.

1.50 pm

Minsk. TUT.BY readers have sent a video of army trucks, which usually carry unidentified men in balaclavas, driving into courtyards near 70A, Partizansky Prospekt.

1.18 pm

Minsk. The Minsk metro reports that at 1.15 pm in order to ensure the safety of passengers, the metro stations Ploshchad Lenina, Oktyabrskaya, Kupalovskaya, Nemiga, Pervomayskaya and Proletarskaya have been closed. Trains run without stopping at these stations.

11.47 am

Minsk. Water cannons and many jeeps have left Uruchye district towards the city center.

11.36 am 

Minsk. Minsk Hero City Obelisk has been already cordonned off by metal fences. Cars with barbed wire stand nearby.