LIVE: Protests In Belarus, Day 36. The March Of Heroes Is Underway

Please, scroll down to see the chronology of the March of Heroes in Minsk and other cities and towns across the country happening right now.

9.29 pm

Minsk earlier today. This is what the procession on Masherova and Kalvariyskaya Streets looked from one of the towers of the Cascade residential complex. The protesters stretched out for more than a kilometer, neither the tail nor the head of the column was visible.

8.53 pm

Eyewitnesses report that today at around 5 pm on Timiryazev Street in Minsk, riot police officers in black and with shields stretched a barbed wire across Timiryazev Street. Two traffic police motorcycles flew in a barbed wire at full speed.

The wire broke and, perhaps, bounced off injuring the people nearby. “A man laid near the wire. An ambulance drove up to him,” the readers told TUT.BY. More details are not yet available.

8.17 pm

Minsk. In the video below, at least two explosions similar to flash bangs grenades are heard and partially visible from Drozdy [*a closed elite village where government officials and businessmen live]. Earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs denied the use of these special means by its employees. Also sounds similar to gunshots are heard on the footage. Unidentified people in balaclavas dragged a man into a minibus without license plate bumbers, simultaneously punching him.

8.05 pm

The Ministry of Internal Affairs explained why the security forces used a water cannon to disperse the protesters in Brest. “About a thousand people in the center of the intersection played round dances, sang songs and shouted various slogans.”

7.48 pm

Something weird happened near 2 Kamayskaya Street in Minsk. According to witnesses, a white jeep was stopped there, several people, including a woman were dragged out of the car. She tried to escape, but was detained. Flags were pulled out of the car.

Now there is glass and blood at the place of detention on the road.

7.48 pm

The Ministry of Internal Affairs reports that as of 7 pm, protest actions in the country have finished almost everywhere except Minsk. Several hundred people were detained countrywide. More than 400 people were detained in various districts of the capital.

7.34 pm

Minsk. About 50 riot policemen are detaining people near Pushkinskaya metro station. The passengers are lifted from the benches and taken to the paddy wagons.

7.20 pm

Minsk. At the Pushkinskaya metro station, people are heard shouting: “Paddy wagons are coming!”, the crowd began to flees. Two paddy wagons and more than 10 minibuses arrived there. The paddy wagons turned to onto Dunin-Martsinkevich.

7.12 pm

Minsk. The Pushkinskaya metro station is closed. Some demonstrators are seating on a slope near the Orbita hotel, others went to Sportivnaya metro station. There are about 20 participants on the roadway of the ring road.

7.08 pm

Minsk. The main part of the procession has reached the Pushkinskaya metro station. Some people have been moving forward along the roadway, others have descended into the underpass.

6.47 pm

Minsk. On Pushkin Avenue, people are gradually leaving. However, several thousand protesters are still marching along the roadway. People are walking only along the sidewalks near the Pushkinskaya metro station.

6.45 pm

In Gomel, at the end of the march, targeted detentions started. Eyewitnesses say that several bikers who had previously drove around the city with white-red-white flags were detained. According to our information, they were pushed into a blue bus by men in black.

6.39 pm

Minsk. An unknown person with a balaclava over his/her face shoots into the air near the protesters at 110 Pobediteley Avenue.

6.24 pm

Minsk. Brutal detentions on Narochanskaya Street; a child is heard crying in the background.

6.22 pm 

The protesters in Mogilev are leaving. The procession marching along the pedestrian Leninskaya Street approaches the Star Square. There are already a paddy wagon and an orange bus with policemen inside.

6.13 pm

Minsk. Confrontation between the participants of the rally and the security forces near the Arena City.


6.03 pm 

The moment the armed security forces are detaining the peaceful protesters in Brest on Kosmonavtov Boulevard earlier today.

Below is another video from Brest, security forces brutally detained fleeing protesters in the courtyards.

5.52 pm

 Minsk. A column of athletes came to the cordon of security forces near the Arena City. They are chanting: “The people are the champion!” and “We play fair.” Among the athletes is Yegor Meshcheryakov, a famous ex-basketball player, and deputy chairman of the Basketball Federation of Belarus.

5.47 pm

Minsk. Tens of thousands of protesters keep standing at the Arena City. Some turned around and walked along Pobediteley Avenue towards the Minsk Hero City Obelisk.

5.43 pm 

In Grodno, the protesters are gradually leaving. The locals are heard  discussing that several dozen people were detained here today.

5.33 pm

Novopolotsk. There was a clash between the locals and unknown people wearing balaclavas. Unidentified men drove up in two minibuses and tried to grab several protesters. However, the protesters pushed men in balaclavas back into their vehicles and forced them to leave.


5.17 pm

Minsk. The protesters tried to bypass the security forces through the Arena-City shopping center. Security forces have blocked several entrances to the shopping center. Four water cannons and several paddy wagons were brought here.

5.15 pm

In Brest, a water cannon was used against protesters at the intersection of Masherov Avenue and Kosmonavtov Boulevard. Journalist report brutal detentions and a lot of riot police officers.

5.14 pm 

Minsk. The procession of protesters is marching from Orlovskaya Street to Pobediteley Avenue.

5.09 pm

Minsk. The protesters and security forces near Arena City stopped at a 20 meters distance from each other. Two representatives of the security forces came up to the protesters to negotiate. They asked the people to disperse, however, the demonstrators refused.

5.01 pm

Brest. People stopped at the intersection of Masherov Avenue and Kosmonavtov Boulevard.  The demonstrators are chanting “This is our square.” Traffic at the crossroads is blocked, people are chanting “Minsk, we are with you”, dacing and singing songs. Trolleybuses and buses stand in the far right lanes.

4.59 pm

The protesters are marching along Pobediteley Avenue towards Drozdy [*a closed elite village where government officials and businessmen live].

4.47 pm

In Zhodino, during an argument between the locals and the security forces, a police major suddenly punched a woman in the face so hard, she fell to the ground. The people sprang to her defence.

4.34 pm

Minsk. The tail of the column moving from Kalvariyskaya Street turned to Pushkin Avenue. Most cafes at the intersection are closed for technical reasons. Some of the demonstrators remained on Pushkinskaya, they are seating on the lawns. Pensioners with stuffed toys came out to the avenue to support the protesters. People are chanting: “Grandmothers are with the people!” and singing the “Sacred War” song.

4.32 pm 

Minsk. The procession of protesters moving along Kalvariyskaya Streeta towards the Pushkinskaya metro station.

4.30 pm 

Minsk. According to TUT.BY readers, in front of the House of Football, the security forces with shields pushed a group of protesters back, then paddy wagons arrived and the arrests began.

4.25 pm

Minsk. Near Novovilenskaya street 48, a column of protesters encountered the security forces. According to a TUT.BY correspondent, internal troops are armed.

4.20 pm

In Brest, the column of protesters continues its march along Karl Marx Street, people keep coming.

4.20 pm

Minsk. The deregistered Vesna human rights centre reports the names of 82 detained today. In particular, the journalist of the TV channel Belsat Artem Lyava was detained.

4.16 pm

And here is what is happening near the regional executive committee in Gomel. People are chanting “Tribunal!”, “Tribunal!”.

4.09 pm

Vitebsk. The procession of protesers arrived at Victory Square, headed to Chkalov Street and then to Moskovsky Avenue. The protesters are chanting “We are power here!”, ” You and your OMON [riot police], get out!”, and singing “Changes” [by Viktor Tsoi].

4.05 pm 

Minsk. At about 3.50pm traffic on Pobediteley Avenue in the direction of Drozdy [*a closed elite village where government officials and businessmen live] was blocked, only public transport is allowed, readers report. A long column of paddy wagons, buses, minibuses and trucks is heading there.

4.02 pm

Minsk. The column has been moving along the Kalvariysky Bridge for over 40 minutes, the tail of the column is still not visible. People occupied the carriageway of Kalvariyskaya Street from the side of the Cascade residential complex. There is the Minsk regional police station, but no security forces are visible there. Separate columns are moving near the Minsk-Arena, along Orlovskaya Street.

3.52 pm

Several dozen people were detained in Grodno. On Gorky Street, where the action took place, there are still several dozen people left. They stand on the sidewalk and are chanting “Long live Belarus!”, passing cars are honking in support. Security forces left.

3.49 pm 

Minsk. A column of protesters is moving towards Pushkin Avenue. The head of the procession is already near the Pushkinskaya metro station.

3.47 pm

Minsk. Several thousand people gathered at the People’s Friendship Park, they moved towards the Zamok shopping center.

3.46 pm

Meanwhile, in Mogilev.

3.41 pm 

In Gomel, protesters came to the regional executive committee. Here, like last weekend, the security forces cordoned off the building. People are shouting ar them: “Shame!”, “How much is conscience?”

3.39 pm

Minsk. Top view of the Pobediteley Avenue near Minsk Hero City Obelisk.

3.38 pm

Minsk. This is what tens of thousands of people marching towards the residential complex Cascade on Kalvariyskaya Street look like.

3.33 pm

Minsk. Protesers are passing by the residential complex Cascade, where the security forces regularly remove white-red-white flags. The protesters are chanting: “The Сascade is great,” residents are waving from the windows.

3.31 pm

A column of protesters is marching through Gomel.

3.31 pm

Minsk. This is what the detentions at Melnikaite Street looked like.

3.30 pm

Minsk. As of 3 pm, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported about 250 detainees.

3.30 pm

In Grodno, security forces are detaing protesters. Several paddy wagons and buses with security forces drove up to the column.People scattered, they are grabbed in the yards.

3.29 pm

Baranovichi, people are marching along Lenin street chanting “Leave!”, “Leave!”.

3.27 pm

Minsk. The traffic police blocked Pushkin Avenue from the intersection with Pritytskogo Street on the McDonald’s side, only public transport is allowed in, cars are honking.

3.22 pm

Minsk. Tens of thousands of people are flocking from all over the city to the Minsk Hero City Obelisk.

3.14 pm

At the intersection of Stroiteley Avenue and Chernyakhovsky Avenue in Vitebsk, the police did not allow the column to enter the city center. People broke through the cordon and went ahead. One man was reportedly detained.

3.12 pm

Brest. Several thousand people are marching along Sovetskaya Street with white-red-white flags.

3.06 pm

Minsk. There are already about ten thousand people on the roadway of Pobediteley Avenue. People are walk towards the Minsk – Hero City Obelisk. Some people turned onto Masherov Street and are moving towards Timiryazev Street.

3.05 pm 

Novogrudok. Several dozen people gathered at the Church of St. Michael the Archangel to pray. Security forces are watching them from the opposite side of the road.

3.02 pm

Minsk. Mobile internet is disconnected in the city center, TUT.BY correspondents report.

2.57 pm

Minsk. Several dozen people were detained at the Zerno coffee shop, between Victory Square and Yakub Kolas Square.

2.53 pm

A column of protesters is marching in Zhodino. People are chanting: “Leave, leave!”

2.53 pm

Minsk. Readers report about the detention of the drivers with white-red-white flags. At about 2.30 pm, a car with a large flag was stopped near the Pushkinskaya metro station.

In addition, attempts to remove the flags around the city continue: about an hour ago, a flag was removed in the courtyard at 15 Zhinovich Street.

2.50 pm

In the center of Mogilev, the police brutally dispersed those gathering for a peaceful rally. There is a large number of police in the city center. The area in front of the Atrium shopping center is patrolled by police officers – there is a fair.

Minibuses with security officials were spotted not far from the square. Eyewitnesses report that a paddy wagon is standing near Glory Square, police are on duty.

2.47 pm

Minsk. Detentions near the Galleria shopping centre.

2.46 pm

Minsk. Several thousand people with white-red-white flags gathered on Melnikaite Street. Security forces have arrived there, they are pushing people aside Pobediteley Avenue. There are several arbitrary detentions reported.

2.46 pm

According to the TUT.BY journalist, about a thousand people gathered on Sovetskaya Street in Grodno. They are chanting “Long live Belarus!” and “We believe, we can, we are great!”, singing songs and clapping hands.

As in previous days, Lenin Square, where protesters used to gather, is closed, and an agricultural fair was held on Sovetskaya Square on Sunday. Several adjacent streets are blocked, security forces in full uniform are standing near the barriers. People moved along Sovetskaya Street towards Lenin Square.

2.44 pm

Several hundred Gomel residents gathered on the porch near the department store. People are marching along Sovetskaya Street chanting “Long live Belarus!”. The column moves very slowly, stopping at every intersection because of the traffic lights, new participants are joining the protesters from everywhere.

2.43 pm

In Brest, about 50 people gathered near the monument to the 1000th anniversary of the city. People are standing, talking, chanting “Long live Belarus!” Some came with white-red-white flags and Pruzhany falg. Passing cars are honking in support.

2.41 pm

This is the center of Lida. People are chanting “Long live Belarus!”, Passing cars are honking in support. Several women at a pedestrian crossing nearby say: “It is pretty alive without you,  you better go to work.” Men standing next to them get into an argument.

2.39 pm

Minsk. Some people left the Galeria shopping center and walked along Oboinaya Street to the Belarus cinema, where they joined other protesters.

2.39 pm

Vitebsk. The march of solidarity started moving from the ice palace. A column of 100-150 people is walking along Stroiteley Avenue. People are carrying red-white-redflags, chanting: “Join us!”, “We believe, we can, we will win!”

2.36 pm

Bobruisk. Lenin Square, where the participants of the solidarity march gather on Sundays, is cordoned off today. A paddy wagon and several minibuses with tinted windows are parked on Gorky Street. The square is patrolled by police officers.

2.35 pm

Minsk.  Two people were detained near the Galleria shopping center, here is the greatest concentration of people. Readers report that the entrance to the shopping center was closed.

2.34 pm

Minsk. Three empty paddy wagons leave the beginning of Pobediteley Avenue, heading towards the Sports Palace. There were no arrests. Three more paddy wagons and a bus without license plate numbers stayed out. Security forces don’t want protesters to gather at one place.

2.31 pm

Minsk. This is how security forces dispersed a coulmn of protesters moving from Grushevka.

2.26 pm

Minsk. Several thousand people gathered on Pobediteley Avenue. People are standing on the side of the Galleria shopping center. They are chanting: “This is our city.” Other demonstrators are joining to them from all sides. Along the avenue there are paddy wagons, buses without licence plate numbers (drove to the side of the Sports Palace). Paddy wagons drove up, fighters ran out of them, people fled, dived into the courtyards.

2.17 pm

Minsk. A convoy of paddy wagons and military vehicles drove along Independence Avenue towards Victory Square. Several hundred people gathered at the intersection near the circus. They began to move along Kupala Park towards Bogdanovich Street.

2.11 pm

Minsk. Several hundred people with white-red-white flags gathered at the intersection of Nemiga Street and Pobediteley Avenue. After that, the column of protesters marched towards the Sports Palace.

2.08 pm

Minsk. At the underground passage at GUM department store and the National Bank, there are security forces with shields and a megaphone.

People are still allowed to pass in both directions, the backpacks of men moving towards Independence Square are being checked. Last Sunday, those who had white-red-white flags in their bags were not allowed to enter.

2.06 pm

Minsk. On Dzerzhinsky Avenue there are ten buses without licence plate numbers, about five military vehicles, special forces are working, about 50 people are spotted in internal troops unfirom. Law enforcers are chasing people along the avenue from the center. According to eyewitnesses, more than 20 people – both men and women – were detained. Security forces are heading towards Nemiga.

19 August saw the largest rally in the country’s history, when about 200,000 people took to the streets of Minsk in the March for Freedom to protest presidential election results and subsequent police violence against protesters. The regions did not lag behind, as the marches of solidarity were held in Vitebsk, Gomel, Mogilev, Grodno, Brest, Baranovichi, Slonim, Postavy, Volkovysk and others.

For a week after the historical demonstration, Belarusians have been on an emotional rollercoaster. Glee, fear, happiness, apathy, pride, helplessness, hope and… then Sunday, 23 August came. This is probably the moment when people stopped asking themselves “Is Belarusian protest fading away?” The March For A New Belarus made it clear that Belarusians are not ready to give up and leave the streets so easily.

Despite numerous detentions, threats and dismissals across the country, similar mass marches took place on 30 August and 6 September [the March of Unity].

Recall that an extraordinary wave of peaceful protests has swept Belarus since the disputed presidential election on 9 August. Vast crowds of protesters flooded the streets of Minsk and other towns and cities across the country calling for Alexander Lukashenko to step down and hold those responsible for police violence and abuse against protesters to account.