Minsk Is Among 6 Towns So Cheap You Basically Don’t Have To Work

Minsk is at it again. First it was named one of the cheapest cities for expats, then it got in the list of European cities where you can live on less than £600 a month, and now it is one of the most cheapest cities in the world.

Cheap and beautiful.


The ranking was compiled by MSN based on the data provided by a real estate agent Amy McDonald.

The Belarusian capital found itself on the second place of the towns cheap enough to live without working.

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This is how Lindsay Tigar, the author of the article, sees the city.

Need a map to figure out where this town is?

Sandwiched between Poland and Russia, this country’s capital is historically known as an industrial city.

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This Eurasian city has mild temperatures for nine months of the year and many jobs in the user experience (UX) developing world.

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“This is a great place for people who want to be a part of an international community.

It also doesn’t hurt that rent for a one bedroom ranges from $300 to $400 a month,” she says.

Among other budget friendly cities are Masaya in Nicaragua, Guanajuato in Mexico, Uberlândia in Brazil, Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai in Thailand and Pedasi in Panama.