LIVE: Fourth Day Of Protests In Belarus. What Is Happening Now

Protests in Belarus continue for a fourth consecutive day, as security forces use violence, flash grenades, rubber bullets, batons and water cannons in an attempt to disperse demonstrators demanding a transparent vote count.

Recall that according to early results announced by the Central Election Commission (CEC), Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko gathered 80% of the vote in an election many believe was fraudulent. Today, women across Belarus took to the streets with flowers to protest the brutality of riot police officers.

5 pm Minsk. People start gathering at Uruchcha metro station. Several metro stations are closed. At about 6 pm, Minsk residents formed a human chain near Vostok metro station.

A column of people is moving past Yakub Kolas Square towards Victory Square. There are several hundred of them, people are holding raised hands, some carry flowers, cars are honking in support.

6.03 pm Bobruisk. Traffic policemen are standing next to the human chain. They ask women to stay of the main road. Passing-by drivers are honking in solidarity.

6.04 pm Minsk. People are gathering near Pyatrowshchyna metro station. Cars are heard beeping.

6.18 pm Minsk. Eyewitnesses report that protesters are gathering near Novaya Borovaya.

6.22 pm Mogilev. Entrances and aisles to the center are blocked, pedestrians, cyclists and buses go in the opposite direction.

6.33 pm Minsk. The solidarity action stretched to Pritytskogo Street – people are standing along the road, cars are honking.

6.41 pm Minsk. New detentions of journalists. According to the Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAJ), Ukrainian journalists Konstantin Reutsky (Hromadske TV) and Yevgeny Vasiliev have been detained near Victory Square.

6.42 pm Minsk. About 30 doctors from various hospitals have gathered at the medical university to stop violence in the country.

The number of participants is increasing. They are holding placards that read: “Medics are against violence”, “Stop violence”. On the opposite side of Dzerzhinsky Avenue, opposite the medical university, a chain of people has lined up.

6.45 pm Minsk. Meanwhile, Minskers, including doctors, are uniting in teams to provide medical help to those who may be injuried during the protests.

6.50 pm Borisov. A chain of solidarity lined up along Gagarin Street. After some time, arrests started and the protesters dispersed.

7.08 pm Baranovichi. Video footage shows police officers detaining a man: they knock him to the ground, kick and beat him with truncheons.

7.22 pm Minsk. Several hundred people have gathered near the Pushkinskaya metro station. There are about 700 people. Some have lined up in a chain of solidarity, but when a bus with riot police arrived, people moved closer to the Aurora cinema, and some of them left. Police officers are sitting in a bus parked not far from the metro exit.

7. 35 pm Minsk. A group of women in white clothes have gathered at Victory Square and are singing “Kalyhanka”.

8.09 pm Minsk. People are forming human chains of solidarity in Loshitsa.

8.18 pm Minsk. Traffic police have blocked Dzerzhinsky Avenue from Michalova metro station towards the Moscow Ring Road. Motorists are honking.

Despite today’s promises of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, detentions of journalists continue. Belsat journalists Lyubov Luneva and Dmitry Soltan have been detained.

8.20 pm. There are reports of detentions in Vitebsk and Rogachev.

8.21 pm Minsk. About 150 people have formed a human chain near TSUM.

8.23 pm Minsk. There are 160-200 women standing in a line at the Uruchcha metro station. Men are asked to leave the chain for their own safety.

8.29 pm Minsk. People are being detained at the Pushkinskaya metro station.

8.33 pm Minsk. Law enforcement officers have started to disperse people at Grushevka metro station.

8.42 pm Gomel. About 400 people are taking part in the action of solidarity in Gomel. Men have joined the women.

8.45 pm Grodno. Approximately 60-100 protesters have gathered near the Zolotoy Telenok restaurant.

8.46 pm Minsk. Security forces started shooting at Grushevka microdisctrict. A man threw a bag with unknown liquid at one of the security officers.

8.58 pm Minsk. Security forces tried to stop a white jeep on Dzerzhinsky Avenue, as a result, they rammed an orange car.

9.20 pm Grodno. About 300 people are marching from the bus station towards the Mound of Glory. They are shouting “Long live Belarus!”

9.20 pm Minsk. TUT.BY readers report detentions on Dzerzhinsky Avenue.

9.29 pm Minsk. There are about 50 people on both sides of Dzerzhinsky Avenue in Grushevka. They clap and raise their hands in response to honking cars. The participants of the action are supported by residents of houses located nearby, they loudly knock on pots on their balconies.

9.34 pm Lida. TUT.BY readers report the use of rubber bullets and stun grenades.

9.40 pm Grodno. About 300 protesters gathered at the mini-market “Forts”.

9.43 pm Minsk. Police vans that first stood at the medical university, when the doctors dispersed, drove towards Pavlov Park, where they began to disperse people.

At the intersection of Dzerzhinsky and Golubev streets, young people blocked the avenue near McDonald’s, readers write.

9.45 pm Minsk. On both sides of Pritytskogo street near Pushkinskaya metro station, women keep standing in a chain of solidarity, riot policemen don’t touch them.

A little earlier police dispersed those standing on the slope closer to the cinema and the hotel, several people were detained. Police officers are searching the courtyards of the houses located next to the metro.

9.50 pm Minsk. There are several hundred people near Petrovshchina metro station, cars are honking. When a police van drove up, the people fled, one person was detained.

9.53 pm Molodechno. Riot policemen beat and took away  a man who stood up for a taxi driver who supported the women’s solidarity action, writes kraj.by.

9.53 Minsk. People took to the streets in Shabany microdistrict.

9.58 pm Minsk. People are dispersed by traffic police cars in Malinovka:

10.02 pm Minsk. A group of 100-150 protesters gathered at the Malinovka metro station. At about 9.50 they were dispersed by the security forces – people fled to the surrounding yards. Local residents report that they heard two loud pops, probably the sound of flash grenades.

10.02 pm Minsk. At the Uruchye metro station, the number of participants in the action has noticeably increased. Approximately 350-400 people, both men and women, gathered here. People are chanting: “Long live!” and “Go away!”

10.03 pm Mogilev. Security officials dispersed a protest rally in Mogilev. According to TUT.BY correspondent, at least one person was detained.

10.08 pm Minsk. TUT.BY readers report that they heard quite powerful explosions somewhere near Petrovshchina metro station.

There were two flashes, two explosions, and smoke in Malinovka.

10.16 pm Minsk. At the Pushkinskaya metro station, the participants of the chain of solidarity dispersed at about 10 pm after riot police officers approached them. Before that, the security forces detained several more men. Now there are several dozen people at the metro, they stand in scattered groups on the opposite side of the Aurora cinema.

10.25 pm Lida. In Lida, riot police were shooting when dispersing and detainin the protesters:

10.35 pm Minsk. Minskers living in different disctricts report problems with public transport. There is practically no public transport service in Chizhovka, Loshitsa, Loshitsa-2, Shabany.

10.35 pm Gomel. In Gomel, a group of male protesters, whose leaders wore balaclavas, behaved quite aggressively. They had wooden sticks and stones in their hands. When the internal troops appeared, part of the protesters fled in different directions.

10.37 pm Minsk. There are barricades from benches and flower beds in Kamennaya Gorka. It is reported that police van and a water cannon headed there. Readers report that the security forces used tear gas, people are hiding in the entrances of nearby houses.

10.50 pm Minsk. On Bogdanovicha street, people are heard singing songs from their windows and chanting “We believe, we can, we will win!”

10.57 pm Minsk. At the Petrovshchina metro station, the protesters blocked the movement of Dzerzhinsky Avenue. They completely blocked traffic from the center near McDonald’s. A police van with riot police drove up here several times, the protesters dispersed, but then gathered again. Eyewitnesses report that at least one person was detained.

“Others fled. The last time a paddy wagon and a bus full of riot police arrived – about 20 people – accompanied by the police. They ran up to people, intimidated them,” an eyewitness says.

Participants of the action chanted: “Police are with the people”, “Long live Be-la-rus!”

11.04 pm Minsk, Lebyazhy microdistrict. About 300 people are walking from Pobediteley Avenue. People have opened windows and are supporting them.

11.10 pm Minsk, Kamennaya Gorka. Several dozen young people stood at the intersection of Lobanka and Burdeinogo streets. A police van drove up, people scattered. However, riot policemen managed to detain several of them.

11.13 pm Minsk. The protesters partially blocked the road in Zeleny Lug microdistrict:

23.25 pm Minsk. People all over the city are shouting slogans from windows and turning on Viktor Tsoi’s “Changes”. In Lebyazhy microdistrict, a huge white-red-white flag was projected onto the wall of the house:

11.30 pm Minsk. A police van and a police car drove away from the Petrovshchina station. And the crowd went back to the crossroads, chanting “Go away.” The riot police stayed in the bus, covered the windows with shields and waited.

People started shouting: “Riot police is in the bus,” after which the crowd retreated.

11.3o pm Novopolotsk. TUT.BY reader sent a video footage that shows a man kneeling in front of riot policemen, but one of them kicks him in the back and then punches him several times.

11.49 pm Minsk. About 70 participants of the solidarity action remained in Serebryanka microdistrict. There are two police vans with riot policemen nearby.

11.52 pm Bobruisk. Journalist Andrei Shobin was detained in Bobruisk, initiate administrative proceedings were initiated. The trial will take place on 13 August.

12.08 am Mozyr. A video showing a column of people marching through Mozyr streets was sent to TUT.BY, the reader claims there were about one thousand people:

12.09 am Minsk. In Loshitsa, at the intersection of Luchiny street and Igumensky tract, there are about 150 people. They are waving flags, whistlilng and showing the V-sign to honking cars. There are no riot police.

Passing cars continue to honk on Dzerzhinsky Avenue near Grushevka, Mikhalovo, Petrovshchina stations. This is how they support the people walking along the avenue from the city center.

12.25 am Minsk. About 15 police vans and police cars were seen the GUM, they drove towards Victory Square, eyewitnesses say.

Two police vans arrived at the intersection of Voronyanskogo and Zhukovskogo streets. People living in nearby houses shout “Go away, no one called you here.” Several people were reportedly detained.

12.54 am Minsk. Police vans, minibuses, police cars are leaving Minsk in columns.