Laser Show And Miss Belarus. Live Concert In Minsk Metro On 5-6 Oct

Minsk will be hosting a live concert of classic music on the platform of one of its metro stations. On the night between October 5th and 6th.

Be there from 2 am to 3.30 am!

The musicians of the East-West Chamber Orchestra conducted by Rostislav Krimer will go down to¬†PiatroŇ≠Ň°ńćhyna¬†metro station to play their hearts out.

What else to expect from ‚ÄúThe night of the classic in METRO! Fashionable version‚ÄĚ?¬†There will be a light show, laser show, and fashion show with all the most beautiful winners of Miss Belarus.

Maria Vasilevich, Miss Belarus 2018 and also the most beautiful girl in Europe in 2018 will hit the catwalk as well. So, here’s your chance to take a glimpse of¬†the Belarusian beauty queen.

The seats will be placed simply on the platform.¬†Mind the platform‚Äôs capacity is just 400 people, last year the concert was sold out in just one day, so it’s better to hurry up.

The metro concert is taking place within the annual¬†Yuri Bashmet¬†International Music Festival in Minsk. Tickets¬†for the event are not on sale yet, we’ll keep you updated.

By the way, Minsk metro is more than just a means of transportation, it is a masterpiece of art and architecture that can tell stories. Check it yourself with our guide to 8 oldest metro stations.

Source: TUT.BY