Lifting body will ban Belarus over doping after Rio 2016

shtanga-2015-1The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) will ban Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia from competing for one year after the Rio Olympics finish because of doping, its chief Tamas Ajan said.

The IWF president added that the governing body would announce the bans at the end of September or beginning of October, several other countries are expected to be punished as well.

“After the Games we will suspend these countries. I give a guarantee about this… (It) will be Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus,” Ajan said.

Belarus came under threat of disqualification before the Summer Olympics 2016. However, at that time the president of the Belarusian NOC expressed confidence that thanks to the work carried out by the diplomats Belarusian weightlifters would not be suspended from the Olympic Games in Rio. Belarus filed an appeal and IWF decided to put the investigation on pause until the end of the Games.

After the re-analysis of samples from London 2012 two Belarusian bronze medal winners Marina Shkermankova and Iryna Kulesha might be deprived of awards. Doping was also found in the samples of Dina Sazanovets (under 69 kg weight category, 4th place at 2012 Summer Olympics) and Evgeny Zhernosek (over 105 kg weight category, 9 th place at 2012 Summer Olympics).

Belarusians have claimed two second-place podium finishes at the 2016 Games. There’s absolutely no evidence of any wrongdoing amongst these athletes, however.