Art Of Brick! World’s Largest Exhibition Of Lego Art Opens In Minsk

The show, which has been touring for a decade all over the world but has never stopped in Minsk, finally opened its doors in Belarus capital on 1 March.

It is worth a block of your time!

“The Art of the Brick” focuses exclusively on the use of Lego bricks as an art and artist Nathan Sawaya has taken it to a whole new level.

Join us on the tour to one of the world’s “Must See Exhibitions”. It starts with  “Yellow,” a brick-constructed man pulling open his chest as loose bricks spill out.

After huge success in the USA, France, Australia, Italy and Germany the exibit made it to Belarus.

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A global travelling exhibition was rated by CNN as one of the most successful and spectacular exhibitions of the year.

The exhibit occupies more than 1500 square meters of Galleria Minsk shopping center.

It includes more than 1o0 large-scale art works, some of them are original, others interpretations of famous works and the portraits of well-known people.

“These works are very personal to me, since they reflect my growth as an artist as I strove to discover my creative identity.

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The museum exhibition is accessible because it engages the child in all of us while simultaneously illuminating sophisticated and complex concepts,” said Sawaya.

Price: standard adult ticket – 14 BYN (~$7), Child ticket – 10BYN (~$5), Student ticket – 10BYM (~$5), Discount ticket (senior citizens, physically challenged citizens, war veterans) – 8BYN (~$4).

Group tickets: group of 10 people (adults) – 11BYN (~$6,5), group of 10 people (children) – 8BYN (~$4), family ticket (2 + 1) – 33BYN (~$16,5), family ticket (2 + 2) – 40BYN (~$20), family ticket (2 + 3) – 45BYN (~$22,5).

Soucre: TUT.BY