Video: Law Enforcer Threatens To Shoot People During Peaceful Protests In Minsk

A new video of peaceful post-election protests [allegedely in August in Minsk] emerged. It shows the moment a law enforcer threatening people in a parked car with a shotgun, screaming “I’ll shoot right away!”.

A TUT.BY reader, who from a safety point of view decided to remain anonymous, sent a video to the editorial office. According to the sender, the video was made in Minsk on 11 August. The car is parked at the intersection of Lyubimov and Dzerzhinsky Avenues.

At that time, a large procession of security forces in uniform and with shields is seen passing by. A line of paddy wagons is behind them. One of the law enforcers runs up to the car and points a shotgun at those sitting in the car. “I’ll shoot right away!”, he is heard screaming.

At some point, another law enforcer comes, he also points a shotgun at people in the car. The footage ends at the moment when someone knocks on a car side window saying: “Open, fast!”. According to the reader, the law enforcers tried to take away a phone but were in a hurry and a driver managed to leave.

Source: TUT.BY