Pavel Latushko Announces Establishment Of People’s Anti-Crisis Administration

Pavel Latushko, a member of the Presidium of the Coordination Council, together with representatives of the democratic political forces of Belarus, announced the creation of the People’s Anti-Crisis Administration (NAU).

As Latushko explained in his video address, while the Coordination Council was created to conduct negotiations, the NAU will ensure the beginning of negotiations and stability in the country at the time of power transition to democratic forces. The body will also address the challenges the country will face when the ex-president leaves until the new elections and power transition to the new government.

“Everyone who worked in teams of presidential candidates, who helped as volunteers, everyone who takes to the streets of Belarus every week, everyone who joined the strikes, everyone who stopped criminal orders or quit, everyone who suffered for their position, ended up in jail, lost their business, job – all of us did the impossible this year.

It’s time to move on. The authorities once again ignored the people’s demands to release political prisoners, stop violence, punish those responsible, and hold new elections. There are shooting and explosions in the streets again, peaceful demonstrators are wounded, hundreds of detainees – this is their response to the offer of dialogue outside the [KGB] pre-trial detention center, said Head of the NAU Pavel Latushko.

He also stressed that the Belarusian authorities are intellectual bankrupts and the Belarusians themselves know how to get out of the political and economic crisis and legal default, and therefore it was decided to create the People’s Anti-Crisis Administration.

“Belarusians need actions to overcome the crisis. Our team is to assist the national leader [opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya] and the Coordination Council, it comes up with specific proposals: how to eliminate the causes of the crisis, start negotiations, correct the situation in the economy, restore the rule of law, and others. For this, we are creating a team of specialists responsible for the development and implementation of these plans,” said Latushko.

Any Belarusian can join the People’s Anti-Crisis Administration. Pavel Latushko is the former Culture Minister and Ambassador to France.