“Slavic, But Not Russian!” Author Of Popular Travel Video About Belarus Makes A New One

Paul B., the author of Geography Now! Youtube blog, has made a new video about Belarus.

The episode, released on 30 December, tells about the differences between the Belarusian and Russian languages, Narochansky bread, pancakes and the National Library.


For example, Paul explains how to say “My name is…”, “Thank you!” and “Please” in Belarusian. But beware cause there’s a mistake with the last one – it’s actually “Kali laska”, not “Kali paska”!

He goes on speaking about protests and flag catch, church and food. Guess what Belarusian dish is mentioned πŸ˜‰


There’s also some curious information about Belarusian bread, and funny facts about ‘Belarusian’ shrimps.

Finally, Paul shows some of the most famous Belarusian sights, but there’s a slight mistake there as well!

“Overall, Belarus is Slavic, but not Russian!”, he concludes.

The video has already been watched almost 80,000 times, while the previous episode from May 2015, received over 440,000 views. And here it is as well!

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