National Language One Of Pillars In Belarus’ New Information Security Concept

The Belarusian language, along with the bilingualism fixed in the constitution, contributes to the improvement of the national identity of Belarusians. The importance of the national language is stressed in the draft concept of information security of Belarus. 

The concept was approved by the president on 12 March. Its text has leaked to various Telegram channels, TUT.BY reports.

belarusian language information security

Part of the document is dedicated to the “Preservation of traditional foundations and values”. It states, in particular, that “wider social functions and communicative use of the Belarusian language, along with other elements of the national culture, are the guarantors of the state’s humanitarian security”.

The concept promotes “further consistent implementation of the state policy in history” and enhancement of the “Belarusian national concept of the country’s historical past and the Belarusian memory model”.

Overall, the information policy of Belarus will focus on the promotion of humanism, peace, good neighborly relations, justice,  strong family relations, healthy lifestyle, and other things.

Where the main information threats are

Belarus must defend its national interests in the information sphere “using all available forces and means”, the draft concept reads.

Meanwhile, new sources of information appear all the time making the share of domestic content in the information space lower.

The concept finds two main sources of threats for Belarus in the information sphere.

One of them is “the informational confrontation between the world’s leading centers of power”. The second one is “the purposeful creation of information inside and outside the country that discredits foreign and domestic policy”.

The latter includes false information, banned information, and fake news.

Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko held an expanded meeting with Belarus’ Security Council on 12 March. The meeting focused on the new national concept of information security.

According to State Secretary of the Belarusian Security Council Stanislav Zas, the document will be officially approved and published next week.

Most Belarusians speak Russian in everyday life

Only 3% of Belarusians speak the Belarusian language, says the latest statistics by the Information-Analytical center.

At the same time, 48% consider it native, while 43% name Russian their mother tongue.

Only half of the respondents believe it is necessary to scale up the usage of Belarusian in Belarus, 44% of people spoke against it.

However, people also spoke in favor of greater integration of the Belarusian language into the education system and science, and wider use of the Belarusian language in the media and culture.