Kremlin Reacts To Trump’s National Security Advisor Upcoming Trip To Minsk

Moscow regards the planned visit of John Bolton, Donald Trump’s national security advisor, to Minsk as an internal affair of Belarus, Kremlin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists.

John Bolton is supposed to visit the capital of Belarus tomorrow.

Photo: Reuters

“First of all, this is Belarus’ internal affair. Secondly, it is too premature to talk about close cooperation between Belarus and the United States,” Kremlin’s rep said.

“It is not a full-fledged official contact, just a working visit,” Peskov said.

He added that Moscow appreciates and values close relations with Minsk.

Integration processes are underway, the development of our Union State continues,” Peskov reminded journalists. “We are close allies and partners in the Eurasian Economic Community. Our partnership and alliance continues and will develop further, without a doubt.”

Belarus MFA: No comment

The head of Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei did not comment on the visit of John Bolton.

“The comment is going to come when we have anything to comment on,” he told Belarusian portal TUT.BY.

Makei also declined to confirm is the visit will take place on Thursday or not.

Foreign Policy reported about the planned visit of Trump’s national security advisor on Tuesday, 27 August. “Bolton’s trip will mark the highest-level U.S. government visit to Belarus this century,” Foreign Policy wrote.

The meeting will happen no earlier than Thursday and the date and format have not yet been finalized, the presidential office later told Reuters.