Sweetness Overload! Belarusians Start Kissing Flashmob Inspired By Navi’s Performance At Eurovision

Yesterday Portugal won the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev with their entry Amar pelos dois, having received a combined total of 758 points in the final show.

Belarus’ Naviband got 83 points and ended up on 17th place, which is higher than bookmakers were predicting.

Despite a humble result, Belarusians treated their band as winners, largerly because of the duo’s openness and bringing a song in the Belarusian language on Eurovision’s stage for the first time ever.

At the end of their performance the copule kissed, and TV presenters explained that Artem Lukyanenko and Ksenia Zhuk are in fact husband and wife.

Fans of the band and many Belarusians picked up the example – and social networks got immediately filled with the pictures of kisses with a hashtag #kissbelarus.

#євробачення #kissbelarus #eurovision #naviband

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#kissbelarus #vote for #naviband #3 #eurovision2017

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Падтрымаем @naviband! Дзякуй за шчырасць! #kissbelarus #moj_rodny_kut

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Some participants of the flashmob had very unusual kisses! ?

#kissbelarus ??? Дзякуй #naviband за прыўкрасны пацалунак і сапраўдную шчырасць ???❤??

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Or just photobombed other people’s kisses ?

Well, that kiss was really amazing!