KGB Reveals Why It Detained Lukashenko’s Ex-Security Chief

The Belarusian State Security Committee (KGB) commented on the reason of detention of Andrei Vtyurin, the Deputy State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus and the former head of the security service of Alexander Lukashenko.

The official was detained on 29 April.

Andrey Vtuyrin

Andrey Vtuyrin; photo: vsr.mil.by

Vtyurin is charged under Part 3 of Article 430 (Receiving a bribe) of the Criminal Code of Belarus.

“Vtyurin was detained red-handed while receiving $148,600 from a representative of the Russian commercial structure “G” for assisting in promoting its interests in Belarus,” KGB said in a statement on 4 May.

The person giving the bribe was detained as well. Both defendants pleaded guilty.

The investigation continues.

KGB detained Andrei Vtyurin on Monday, 29 April. The versions about the reasons of the arrest included receiving a bribe and cooperation with the Russian security forces.

Informed sources told journalists of the Belarusian portal TUT.BY that Vtyurin “tried to resolve issues” with the help of his connections. On 24 April, Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree that exempted Andrei Vtyurin from the position of Deputy Secretary of State of the Security Council “for committing misdemeanors discrediting the title of a serviceman”.

Vtuyrin is the second person from the inner circle of the president who has fell from grace recently.