KGB: We’ll Respond To Extremist Actions Of Protesters As To Acts Of Terrorism

The KGB will respond to the actions of the protesters aimed at destabilizing the situation in the country and forcibly changing the constitutional order as to acts of terrorism. Konstantin Bychek, the Department Head of the Investigations Office of the State Security Committee (KGB), told this to Belarus 1.

Besides, the state TV channel reported that an object that “looked like a homemade bomb” was defused in Gomel. It was hidden under a white-red-white flag not far from Obkomovskoye Lake. A pyrotechnic engineer group defused it and handed over to “the employees of the Investigative Committee for examination. A criminal case has been initiated.”

“Criminal actions were planned and implemented by organized groups whose aim is to destabilize the socio-political situation, intimidate the population, and forcibly change the current constitutional order. Such actions as explosions, arson, and others that endanger people’s lives or may cause grave consequences in order to destabilize public order, are qualified as an act of terrorism. The response of the State Security Committee to such actions will be appropriate – as to acts of terrorism. An appropriate legal assessment will be given to the actions of the persons involved,” said Bychek.

The KGB spokesman also recalled the events happening in Minsk on 25 October, when, according to the official, “radical citizens attempted to seize the building of the Central District Department of Internal Affairs” and then continued “blatantly disturbing public order” in bedroom neighbourhoods.