Joe Biden Wants Expansion Of Sanctions On Lukashenko’s Henchmen

“I continue to stand with the people of Belarus and support their democratic aspirations. I also condemn the appalling human rights abuses committed by the Lukashenko regime,” Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden said on Tuesday.

“No leader who tortures his own people can ever claim legitimacy. That is why the international community should significantly expand its sanctions on Lukashenko’s henchmen and freeze the offshore accounts where they keep their stolen wealth,” his statement reads.

Photo: Reuters

Besides, Biden noted that if he wins the elections, he will work with “the European partners and allies to lay out a plan of economic support for a truly sovereign, democratic Belarus.”

“Until then, I will continue to join Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and the people of Belarus in calling for the peaceful transfer of power, the release of all political prisoners, and free and fair elections so the Belarusian people are finally able to exercise the democratic rights for which they have sacrificed so much,” he said.

The U.S. presidential candidate also condemned the country’s ongoing human rights violations. Recall that earlier the United States imposed sanctions on eight Belarusian officials, including representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Central Election Commission.