Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Gets Funny Socks From Belarus

A pair of outlandish socks were sent by Brest hoisery factory to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who is known for his love to extraordinary and funny socks.

From Belarus with love!

Last year a hoisery factory from Brest knit a pair of custom socks with Snoopy to give as a surprise gift to Justin Trudeau.

The director of the factory Sergey Zhevnerovich explained the idea behind the unusual gift.

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“Turns out that when Justin Trudeau was a baby, Richard Nixon and his wife Pat visited his father Pierre Trudeau.

Pat Nixon presented little Justin a toy Snoopy and Richard Nixon raised a toast: “For the future Prime Minister of Canada, for Justin Pierre Trudeau.”

And so it happened,” he said.

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The themed stockings with a cover letter in English and French were sent at the end of the last year.

The letter told about a large Belarusian diaspora living in Canada and that legendary hockey star Wayne Gretzky has Belarusian roots.

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A long-awaited response letter from the administration of the Canadian prime minister finally came on 16 February.

It reported that a parcel from Brest was received and Snoopy socks would be handed over to Justin Trudeau.

“On his behalf, I want to thank you for this touching gift,” the reply said.

Fingers crossed, we’ll soon see Justin Trudeau making headlines of international news wearing the cute gift from Belarus.